The last round of Serie A: Yuxin’s Eve challenge Bologna team to compete for four difficulties, not small C, getting closer to returning Manchester United.

On May 24, 2021, Beijing time, Serie A was opened: Juventus challenge Bologna. Even if they win, I have to see the face of Naples with Ac Milan, and the four difficulties are not small. Once Juventus does not have a championship next season, then the C Luo Li team can be a small probability event.

According to the friend of C Ro, the “Asia” name Mono Sems revealed that C Ro is getting closer to Manchester United. Solskia has been talented with C, and both parties may sign for two years.

C Luo, is it possible to return to his own name? This possibility, of course,. However, C-Luo 31 million European salary, I am afraid that Manchester United is not affordable. The latter wants to buy C Luo, you must clean three people. Recently, the British media announced the top three in the Manchester United: Degeya, Boaga, Maxier. What is the salary of these three people? Dehja, 37.5 million pounds; Bo Gaba, 29 million pounds; Maxier, 25 million pounds.

Daugha, for Manchester United, absolutely merit. However, a wage of a goal ranked first in the entire Premier League, and Manchester United was able to do it. Moreover, Henderson is now on, which makes Daugha more embarrassing. As for Boaga, in addition to the world champion title, what else? His manifestation is far from the expectations of people. Especially the arrival of B, let everyone know that this is the core should be. And Machir, still need to talk?

These three people do not pay attention to the team, Manchester United introduces C Luo! Because they will inevitably violate the European Federation of Finance! Even if you buy it, how many people should you get to the team? Moreover, the next item will be stagnated! Now C Ronal, no effort to change the ability of the competition. Manda Buy to buy C Luo, the loss is too big. What’s more, C Luo has been 36 years old.

However, Manchester United wants to clean these three people, it is not easy, or it is impossible. The most critical, these three people still don’t know their positioning? If you leave the team, there will be no wages like this! Therefore, it can only be rely on. Daugh is 31 years old, he is still honoring? As for Boaga, the contract expires next summer, he still cares for a year of snow? As for Mach, it is more broken.

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