Beijing time on April 27, 2021, Naples will go to the away and Turin to launch the battle Belodi is likely to pursue new goals after the end of this season.

Italian Grade A League is about to usher in a focus of war, at 0:30 on April 27, 2021, 2021, Naples will go to the entrance and Turin. The two teams play this season can be described as the length of the heavens, and Naples is now the advantage of the European Union, and I hope that Juventus will take the Champions League area. The biggest goal of this season is to be presumed. This kind of heart and goal are also very disappointed with the team’s number one star Barotti, which is likely to pursue new goals after the end of this season.

The two sides held the first time in this season, Naples was in the home 1-1 burst. However, Naples at that time was still complete, and the strength is far less. Dating back to the previous 12 league, Naples is 7 wins and 4 flat 1 loss occupied absolute upper. This game, although the state has rebounded, but the huge gap in strength is difficult to spit, and the Naples, which is optimistic, defeating the opponent, and takes three points smoothly.

Naples’s play is still a powerful person, and they have achieved 20 wins and 3 flat 9 losses in the 32 rounds, and the 5th part of the league is 5th. At the point list, Naples from the second AC Milan to 5th is not large, especially Juventus, who only leads to Naples at a 1-point advantage. In the next game, Naples will face the Tour Guard, such as Florence, and the strength is not strong. It is difficult for them to give Napoli what threats. But Juventus is different, and the rest is in several few games, the old woman will also have the challenge of IM and AC Milan. Milan Shuangxiong currently in Serie A League, in the first place, especially the International Milan ran in a huge leading advantage, plus Juventus is their death, definitely not put water in this game. of. Taking into account these factors, Naples is actually maintained in the Champions League competition.

Their offensive fire is not like a scorch team. This season has been up to 71 league goals, which is second only to Atlanta in Series League, followed by the International Milan. And their recent state is extremely hot. In the previous two rounds, they first were first at home 1-1 draw, and finally the opponent’s Serie A 12 consecutive victory. Then in the next round of the league, Naples also told the world with a slaughter of the European championship. Now, in the face of a platelet, Naples is definitely began to grind the knife Huo Huo, ready to take three points to continue the oppression of Juventus.

The strength of Turin will be a lot more than the opponent. They only get 6 wins and 13 flat 12 losses this season. The 16th round of the league is 16th, and the extension is 3 points higher than the extension. . At the end of the league, the pressure of Turin is now not too big. The reason why it will be in advance this season, and they are absolutely difficult to defend their bad dermists. However, the recent state of Turin has risen, and they maintain a bad record in the nearest 4 rounds, and they are not lack of 2-2, Juventus and 3-1 defeat the strength of Rome. If you can play like this, you have already got rid of the inlaid area as soon as possible.

After this season, the Italian striker Belodi should die for the team. In the past, he rejected the opportunity to join the gigaby teams such as AC Milan, but the team’s unwanted progress made this player war in the most peak period. If it is not the excellent play of Berotti, Turin may have already entered the downgrade. There are also many teams that are interested in this player. The Sunder Shou Madrid is very interested in him, and AC Milan has always retained him. But at least now, Berrotti is a player of Turin, he also wants to be able to choose to leave after helping the team.