Mourinho not only hopes that Rome is signed in Switzerland, Switzerland, but also hopes to sign the Portuguese State Middle Field Selgio – Olivila

After Murinio became a new coach of Rome, it has discussed the transformation of lineup with the general manager of the club. At the midfield position, excellent Veilu will renew the Rome, unless there is a shocking high quote, Rome can not sell the Veilcha. The two midfielders of Diavara and Bilast are players who are selling in Rome in this summer. In addition, Encheng Qi, who is borrowed, will not stay in Rome, Rundan has begun to negotiate with Rome, hoping to buy 7 million euros, or renting to strengthen the bought.


Mourinho n’t only hopes that Rome will sign Switzerland in Switzerland, but also hopes to sign the Portuguese State Middle Field Sergio – Olivila.

Olivila was born in 1992, it is a Portuguese middle field and is currently effective in Portuguese. Olivila is a midfielder player in the past 2020-21, in various events, he scored 20 goals in Porto, which in Porto’s Champions League of Juventus, is an Olympics. Levira opened a second degree in the next round, helping Porto to defeat Juventus and advance the Champions League. At present, Olivila has been selected for the Portuguese national team, will participate in this summer European Cup.

It is understood that Porto is priced for Olivila priced 20 million euros, while Rome hopes to buy a player at 15 million euros. In addition, Serie A Florence is also interested in Olivila, but Olivila and Mourinho’s brokers are Möndes, so players are more willing to join the Rome coaching Mourinio.