1-1! Juventus offers Florence C Ronald 15 feet

The season sprint stage, C Luo suddenly matched, which also made Juventus’s secure 4 pressure becomes large. 1-1! Juventus is awarded Florence, nearly 3 rounds of Ji A competition only got 4 points. This game, C Luo first kicked the audience, but 4 shots failed to get the ball. In the past 3 games, C Ronalflood 15 feet did not enter.

C Luo wants to leave Juventus, which is not a secret. After being refused by Real Madrid, foreign media exposed C Ro-recommended Manchester United news. For the C-Luo team, Juventus also has an open attitude. Today’s C Luo and Juventus have long been faced and heart is not. With 5 rounds left in the league, C Luo seems to have long been a love.

Recently, C Luo has been influenced by negative messages. With the game of the Tongya, the C Ronaldo wrestled Juwen jerseys, which triggered the dissatisfaction of the fans. Uplined with the Parma game, C Luo hovers when defending free kick, and then leads to the team to lose the ball. In many people, C Luo is not in Juventus, and Juventus also intends to use him to exchange Baga.

This round of competition with Florence, Pirlo arranged C Rosa. In the game, Juventus did not fully occupy the active, and the first half is even in the backward situation. In the case of isolation, C Luoxue got 4 foot shooting opportunities, 2 shots were 2 times, failed to get the ball.

The best score opportunity in C-Luo appeared in the 84th minute. Kurucefsky passed the right side of the penalty area, and the ball came to the left of the left side of the pen area. C-Luo jumped to play the top of the game, and the opportunity to kill the game.

This shot is also a miniature in the wave valley in the near future. In the past 3 games, C-Luo contributed 15 foot to do 1 gravist. In the face of thermalia, C Luo shot 6 feet; face Parma, C Ro has 5 foots. This field faces Florence, C Luo Zi Zi Zi Zi. 15 feet beaten 0 goals, suddenly dumb fire at the end of the C Rohi season, and some have some mementers.