The 4th round of the middle: Dalian people compete in Tianjin Jinmen Hu team to stop the battle in 1-0

Dalian finally stopped the trend, after three losses, in the middle of the 4th round of the game, winning the “turning over”, in the list of Tailings, the Tianjin Jinmen Hu, the goal is the middle and defender Daniel. Sen, Dalian people got three points directly surpass Tianjin Jinmei Tiger temporarily get rid of the downgrade area, currently 3 points to the 12th place, and the Dalian people also achieved 2 consecutive victories of Tianjin Jinmei Tiger, last season relegation group Two rounds of returned Dalian 2-1 defeated the opponent, before the Dalian people have eight consecutive games, Tianjin Jinmen Hu, 1 flat 7 loud.

This game, Jose-Gonzalez continued to send a young player and local player’s lineup, and foreign aid only had Danielsen; Yu Rui’s card is not good, foreign aid is only Kadar and Iliki starting, The local player is temporarily patching when the season is close to the beginning of the season, that is, the power is far from the last season.

In the game, both teams have some great offline opportunities. In the 9th minute of the game, Dalian people launched from the left, Zheng Long 45 degrees founded the post-point Wang Jinxian, Wang Jinxian directly headed, the ball was smashed. On the beam; the 43rd minute of the competition, Wang Jinxian plugged in the bottom, Zheng Long bag copied, but Wang Jinxian is getting off, the main referee is invalid.

In the 74th minute of the competition, Tianjin Jinmen Hu launched a quick counterattack. Zhang Wei completed the gods and three consecutive, and continuously resulted in the close-up of the three feet. He Baobao the Dalian people’s goal is not lost; the competition is the 78th minute, Zheng Long right corner In the top, Lin Liang Ming and Gao Jiarun fight, the ball accidentally bounced at Danielsen, Danielsen directly broke the door, Dalian people 1-0 achieved leading, and the score was maintained at the end of the game.

On the scene, Dalian and Jinmenho opened on the scene, 50% of the ball, the competition efficiency, the advantages of the overall grill of Dalian people have been reflected, the 13 foot shoots 5 times in the audience 1 goal, Jinmei Tiger 8 feet shot 3 times to shoot 0 goals.

Talking about injuries, Dalian people won 2 first, namely single Pengfei and Zhao Xuri, Jose revealed that both people need to check further confirmation. Talking about the dilemma of foreign aid, Jose gave a good news, indicating that the 24-year-old genius, the genius of the hat trick, he will return to the team, Jason and Larson I have rushed back as soon as possible, suggesting that Dalian people are not worried about the problem! According to such a rhythm, Dalian people can practice the soldiers to promote the young players.

After the game, Dalian people were chopful – Gonzalez was satisfied with the winner. At the same time, 10 U23 Xinxing sitting in this game was a history of creating. Since this picture should be the first time, think these U23 players Constantly play, it will become a better player in the future. For the performance of the team, Jose believes that the feet of the door need to be improved, the team kicked too tight, in fact, the previous game is very close to Yatai, Hebei, even if the kick is higher, Beijing Guoan, The team is also very close to the scene, and the team is now being confident, and it will be better behind.