NBA playoffs: The fast shipping team 100-105 does not have a bad performance of Leonard

The NBA playoffs continues, on June 3, Beijing time, the fastess team 100-105 lost the unique man, the total score 2-3 is behind the grouse. At the last moment of the competition, Leonard was three-fold three-fold, and he was staring with the teammates. However, after Lando personal performance, he should also blame.

In such a key competition, when George’s performance is good, Leonard has a poor performance, Rondo as the old will get a championship, as a clear indicate that the fax goal is the old will, obviously Need to contribute more. However, the offensive end is too slight, and the oppression of the defensive end to Etchi is not enough, causing nothing to contribute to him. As a last season, he helped the Lakers got the old championship. As a top-class ball merchant guarded the top ball merchant for James and Davis, the performance of Lando was obviously not enough.

As a long time to get the general champion, I used to be the old man of NBA, and Rondo’s angryly retired Rally is very in line with his character. This play is particularly smart, but the character is also very popular, and after Leonard, he has a three-point, wasting a great chance to chase the score, and he does understand the choice of Leonard and disappointment. question. What’s more, Leonard is only 7 in the audience, and Londo has such a response as a predecessor and is also a true portrayal of his character.

But in the performance of Rondo, his performance is also very unsatisfactory. In the audience, he was 20 minutes and 42 seconds. The result was 1 point in 6. Although he got 6 assists in other respects, it also had 2 mistakes. The offensive end is poor, and the flatness of the series is unyielding, causing Rondo’s positive and negative value to be poor-19, and the whole is the worst.

These 6 times, Rondo 3 is three-point ball, three-pointer all the iron is not an accident, not to mention the situation like this three-pointer 3, even Top rayers will also appear. But at other times, Londo’s shooting is also tangled, which is his own problem. For example, when the first quarter left, Rondo broke through the basket and was covered by the basket. This opportunity, Rondo is vying to pass itself, and there is a slightly amateur breakthrough. After the second quarter, Londo broke through the basket and turned to the hook. Once the next basket, he did not live in a basket, which also caused him to be all the power in the offensive.