The green army Anji resigned under the course Steven became the team’s head of operation, Ensbide, is not optimistic.

The playoffs is the stage of testing the star. When a test of a team season is, Miami heats become the team of the first bureau, which is undoubtedly very disappointed, and the team of the second bureau is Boston Kay Durt, Tutum is facing the basket network three giants, and it is unable to return to the day. In such cases, Anji resigned, Stevens became the president of the team. In addition, the injury of Enabud also released, it is not optimistic, and the 76-person playoffs have changed. After the Lakers lost the battle of Tianwangshan, the eyebrows and Zhuang gods once again vocal, and the temper.

Zhuang god eyes, the Lakers want to go array?

Anthony – Davis groin is straited, the Lakers Tianwang Mountain battle defeated, all people understand that only relying on a James, the Lakers are difficult to break around. In this case, the Anthony-Davis will come out and will become the key to this series. In fact, the battle of Zhenwang Mountain will want to play, but is blocked by James. Davis is more than six fingers after the game, as if telling the teammates, will come out in the sixth game, what exactly what does it mean?

Davis said: I did this to remind my teammates, no matter how much the score, our series has not ended. Tomorrow we still have the opportunity to pull this round of series. It was asked whether the sixth game will play, Davis said: I want to play, whether to participate in the sixth game will depend on the medical staff, I am waiting for physical examination results.

In the battle of Tianwang Mountain, in the second half, Xiao Gaso came to the starting lineup. Does this indicate that the Lakers are likely to usher? Zhuang Shen sent a intriguing thing in the social media: “Haha, you remember that you can control it, the rest is natural.” What do you mean? ” It is the starting position, it is not that he can control, and the first thing that seems to be a big probability. After all, in the case of Zhuang Shen, the lake’s offensive space is really bad.

The green army Anji is officially resigned, don’t you regret it?

Who is the wrong way out of the Boston Celtics? Brown season reimbursement, Walker is constantly, Fu Nier has not fully integrated into the team, relying on Tutum and Samart, winning the next game in the basket network, it is not easy. But the transfer is the ball, without any excuse, then naturally need a person to take responsibility, just did not expect that this person will be a great contribution to the Celtics. Anji.

After Anji resigned, Stevens will take his position, and the Celtics master will find others. So why is Anji going to get out of class? The answer is very simple. When Harden seeks to trade, the Celtics will have the opportunity to get Harden, but Anji chooses to stay away from Harden, because he doesn’t want to pay Samart and Jay-Brown. I can’t help the child, and the players like Harden can not be met. As a result, Harden was in the basket network, and the Celtics were eliminated out.

If the transaction comes from Harden, it is absolutely not just that the first round of the playoffs is as simple as the combination of Tumum and Harden.

Enabod is out of hurt, it is not optimistic.

Philadelphia 76 people once 3-0 lead Washington wicks, this round of series seems to lose suspense, but did not expect that in the fourth game in the series, Ensbide was hurt. Wei Shao and Bill seized the opportunity and successfully pulled back a city. 3-1 Leading, for Rivers, this is definitely a familiar number. The fifth game of the series, Enshid did not play, as well as the name of Shams, and 76 people have a small half-monthboard torn. I have to say that this injury name is enough to worry.

76 people said that Rivers also said when they were interviewed, he hoped that Entbide can come back in this season, but it is only hope. Obviously, the injury of Enside is not optimistic. In the case of Enshid, the truth is true. The 76 people are a regular play game team, the strength and the wonders can be said to be up, that is, the Wizards are likely to continue to win, once the wonders are played like this Confidence, then 76 people in Philadelphia are really dangerous.