The Nuggets were successfully defeated with 117-112, and the Hornets of the Hornets and Porter bombed 60 points +17 rebounds +7 assists.

117-112! Beijing time on May 12, Nuggets, the gorgeous wasp, the entire game ends the Nuggets in 117-112 successfully defeated the wasp. Although there are not many regular sessions, but now the wasp still has ranked stress, the latice and wonders are chasing them, so the wasp still needs to win the victory of the game. In this game, the Nuggets started a good state, which made the Nuggets quickly opened the score, but the bungam found the offensive score, the two teams in the second half were still fierce, In the four-game competition, the leading buck of Nuggets is hard to see the hope of reversing, but the Nuggets eventually stabilize the situation to win the game.

In this game, the Best and Potter dual-core still have a good attack, relying on their portions of the two people who have occupied the leading advantage of the field. It can be said that when Murray is not there, Potter is already become The reliable helper around Yekizi, the whole game ends about 60 minutes and 17 rebounds 7 assists in the entire game. At the same time, although Campazzo is not good at this game, he can hit the three points in the crucial moment. It is really helping the team, and the Campozo of this time is undoubtedly, the audience The competition ends Campas gets 8 points 4 rebounds 6 assists data. Other Nuggets, Gordon got 17 points 6 rebounds 3 assists, Xiaolifus won the data of 9 points 1 rebound 3 assists.

In this competition, Rarce’s offensive performance is generally, and 8 in the game 18 gets 21 points of 3 rebounds 5 assists. As for three-ball in this game, the offensive showed sluggish. The three-ball 9 in the whole game was 5 points. 12 rebounds 7 assists. For three goals, there are not many people, he should still find it on the court. I have a state of yourself, otherwise he is still dragging down to the team. As for Washington, it was even more offensive in this game. The game was from Washington 16, 4 got 13 points 11 rebounds 4 assists data. It can be said that all Washington can have some performance in the critical moment of the 4th game, then The wasp will not be in such passive situation.

At the same time, Hue replaced player Glaham has an outbreak performance in this game. In particular, in the fourth game, Gaham is standing in the competition, and his feeding is the bungager is an insurance, but unfortunately It is the good performance of other wasp players, so the eruption of Glaham is still useless. The Hornets will not win the victory of the game. The game ends in Glaham 19 10 get 31 points 4 rebounds 5 assists data. . The Yellow Hornets have a match with a shipment. This game is huge to win, but because the situation they face now is not good, this game is a game that is bung to work hard. .

Race review

The first quarter of the competition Roce helped the team score, and then the Nuggets played the attack small climax to occupy the lead, and the Nuggets in the next game continued to keep offensive, and the Nuggets under the leadership of Jiki However, the latter isp is found to reduce the score, and the first competition ends the Nuggets lead 12 points.

In the second quarter, the Nuggets players showed a sluggish. In such cases, the wasp is continuing to reduce the score. When Glaham and others play the bucket, it is 2 points, but in Yaki, Potter leads the Nuggets Still steady some situation, and Rochell et al. Also responded that the Nuggets occupied 3 points when the end of the game.

The third quarter of the hub is to continue to bite, the key moment, Xiarifus continuously scores the situation, and then the two teams have played, and the three competitions end the Nuggets 5 points. The fourth quarter of the competition is to continue to expand the lead. When the fan thinks that the Nuggets will win, Glaham’s outbreak help the team chasing 1 point, but the critical moment of the wasp attacked the iron, the final wasp still lost the game.