The national football announced the new stage of training list, the allegorus, Wu Lei, returned to Luo Guofu, still very embarrassing

On the afternoon of May 10, Beijing, the national football announced a list of new training, including 13 players, and the Oceani Diwu Mu Lei also returned. However, the eyes of the eyes have found that in the foot of the country, only Luo Guifu is “ignor” by Li Tie, he is a typical case of the failure of the origination.

According to the list announced by the national football, Alan, Fisoto, Li Ke, Axson and Jiang Guangtai 5 reputation players in the column, while Luo Guifu is not there.

As we all know, 32-year-old Luo Guo Zhiyuan name Aloisio, he has been in Shandong Luneng, Hebei Huaxia happiness, got a medium super gold boots, and once goes to China.

Hengda is a national farmer, which is responsible for the number of players, Axson, Galat, Alan, Jiang Guangtai and Luo Futu. It is reported that in order to successfully return to the Rocky Guofeng, Evergrande has also issued an annual salary of RMB 40 million.

However, there is no location in Luo Guofeng in Hengda, and I have wanted to rent him to Wuhan Zall. The result is the biggest obstacle, and I can’t talk, Luo Guofu also leaned.

Since then, although Luo Guofeng is super and the Football Association in Hengda, it has not been reused by Carnavar. Up to now, it is only 7 times, contributes 1 ball 1 assists. Obviously, Luo Guofu, which is troubled, has not followed the rhythm and confrontation.

After 4 rounds of Zhongchao New season, Luo Guofu did not get a 1-minute appearance time, and the same is only 33 minutes, only 33 minutes, only by Li Tie, and the gap is very obvious.

In fact, the national football is now there is Aixson, Alan and Fisan, and the frontcourt is enough. Even Wu Lei must compete for the job, then “no ball can play” Luo Guo is no longer Li Tiexin. Must option, he does not have a list of national football team, can be said to be rational, do not need to accident at all.

However, as the only one of the list of training, Luo Guofu’s situation is still very embarrassed, and Evergrande is spending money on him, including 40 million years, is also white.

Before this season opened, Luo Guo’s richness said that after the expiration of the constant contract, he would not renew it, and it is interested to return to the parent team St. Paul. There is a fan stated that Luo Guo is rich in “leaving”.