NBA first round playoffs: The Lakers won the solar team with 109-95 Who is the Yuan team?

There is no suspense and accident, and the Lakers leading to James and the Gongbei brother, in the battle of G3 in the first round of the first round, I took 109-95, and I won the sun from Paul and Bark. The sun is 14 points, who is the Yuan of the ball? There is no doubt that the two great powers of the Khu Lake are the first battle.

Who can take the G3, who will take the opportunity in the 7-winning game. The lake is healthy, the prospect is worthy of optimistic, the team not only has two big dual cores, but also the inner line and Zhuang Shenzhao. In contrast, the sun behind Paul is hurt, and the two dojok is not the player of the body. In addition to Eaton, the whole team, and the Lakers don’t have the strength of the height. This can be seen from the rebound, and the sun has taken 35 rebounds, and the Lakers are 51 rebounds, and there are 16 ahead.

Let’s take a look at who is the two gangs of the light. They are the two core Paul and Bark who won the Lakers in the G1 helper team.

Talking about Bick’s question, in the case of Paul injuries, he should stand up and thus can quickly establish the status of yourself. However, this game, Bak was pulled. The play is 41 minutes and 22 seconds, 19 voted 6, only 19 points, the shooting rate is only 25% of poor. This is the star of Bark, which cannot rely on the body of the body, the success rate of shooting is their murder, such as the library.

Buck as a two-time home in the sun, when the team encountered difficulties, he should play his own momentum, with everyone to overcome difficulties. But he not only does not have considerable data on the offensive end, but also does not give power at the defensive end. The key is that he can’t control his emotions, and finally because of the 6 defenses. That foul is also upgraded to the second-level malicious foul, which leads to their own losers.

It may be because I saw the team to lose the game, so I was a little in my heart, in the face of Schroed’s flying basket, he actually pushed him when Schroedten, led to Schroeder directly Field. Fortunately, Schroer is light, and there is no substantive harm to him. But Bak’s movements let the fans look in their eyes, I think he should be too can’t. If it is the team’s star, you should not take your opponent, but should be respectful to win.

I don’t know when Paul’s shoulder injury can restore, if a health of Paul, perhaps the ability and the Lakers a higher. Although the Lakers won the game, I saw that Woger was exuded in the excessive use of the strong eyebrows. Do you think the Lakers can’t get the sun 4-1?

In the first battle, although helped the team won the game, but also once again made himself in the playoffs. In this business, he has a total of 27 minutes and 22 seconds, and only 7 points in 8 shots 3, such data is obviously unqualified. Paul is brushing to the right shoulder, so it can only rely on the left hand to play the ball, which has also increased the chance of being targeted and mistake.

Sure enough, the Lakers targeting Paul, choosing to fight him. At the beginning, Paul also had a good performance, but with time, he did not have a good advantage on the field. Whether it is a ball, or the rhythm of shooting is not, the fans can feel the deformed of his movement. Paul’s positive and negative value of the game is -20, and the consensus feels that the main handsome should not let him play such a long time, maybe the team may win the possibility of winning.

Paul is really a bit more paper, this is already the fifth incident of injuries in his playoffs, it seems that he and the champion have no fate. If it is not because of injury, perhaps he has already dreamed of a dream in the Rocket and Haden. Is it that Paul does not have a total championship, or is it other reasons?

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