The Nuggets San Dynasty team will rewrite the big score to 2 to 1 Lillad buckle about Jiki single-play Nurkic

On May 28, the Pioneer team was home to the home and launched the 3rd pair of the Nuggets. In this event, the Nuggets once a 12-point leader. However, the pioneers will work hard to pose the score in the last day. Portland, I saw the hope of reversing and bursting against the opponent.

Trail team VS Nuggets

However, Jikiqui and Xiaolifus broke out to help the Nuggets resumed the situation on the field. In the end, the Nuggets suffered from 120 to 115. The Nuggets, which leads to 2 to 1 in the big score, and obtain the initiative of the series.

Both sideways:

Trail team: Normand Powell 18 points 4 rebounds 2 cap 2 assists, Nurkic 13 points 13 rebounds 6 assists 6 guides, Lillad 37 points 2 rebounds 5 assists 2 broken, CJ Mai Caleum 22 points 9 rebounds 3 Assisted 1 break, Cameron Anthony 17 points 2 rebounds 1 steals, Coventon 6 points 11 rebounds 4 assists, Simmons 2 points 3 rebounds.

Nikolai: Nikliji 36 points, 10 rebounds 5 assists, Austin Rivers 21 points 4 rebounds 2 assists, Al Limden 13 points 4 rebounds 3 assists, small Michael Potter 15 points 5 rebounds, Kampa Zuo 11 points 8 rebounds 8 assists 2 broken 1 cap, Jemaikir Green 8 points 5 rebounds, Milhap 5 points 2 rebounds, Marcus Howard 3 points, Monte – Morris 8 points 5 rebounds 5 assists.

The Nuggets suffers to win the big score to 2 to 1

Refused 12 points reversal! Yauchi Xiaoli 57 + 15 ruthen, Nuggets! 5 giants 107 minutes drink!

The first quarter started, the two teams began to bourn. Small ports take the lead in score, Lilad teamed up with CJ to get 7 points. Campazzo continued to score in the COSCO, and Powell did 5 points to respond. Lillad has a 6 point, and the Pioneer team rely on a more hot feel, and it has achieved 9 points leaders. About Kiki 2nd 2 points 3 points, Alu Gordon has a 5 point, Lillad, Neuriki, CJ, Powell successively scored, and pair.


Johchi has a single 6 points, and the team has played a 14-0 attack, and he has revealed the pioneer team. Anthony 2 penalties 1, Jiehac Glin loses 5 points, Lillad scored three-pointer. The head of the first warning, the pioneer team is behind 30 to 39.

The second session, Powell, Nurki chased 5 points, and the Nuggets far forth. CJ and Powell band team continuously score in the center, Milhap is almost 5 points and color. Xiaolifus teamed up with the Kiki to get 5 points, and the Nuggets got 10 points.

Yekchi defensive CJ McCaleum

Lilad, Nurkich has to have 5 points, small port, Jikiqi also has a continuous score. The Nuggets will spend more, and the leading advantages will be extended to 12 points. CJ teamed up with Lillad to play a small climax of 7 to 0 and responded. Half the battle, the Nuggets leads 64-159.

In the second half, Powell even won 5 points, Campazzo, Yauchi joined to get 5 points and colors. Yokki Lian 2 remembers Yuanyuan, Lilad, and Nurkic teamed up with an offensive of 8 to 0 and reduced the difference to 3 points.

Normand Powell counterattack

Yorkchi fines in 4 goals, and Antoni is far away. Nurkich, Coventon and Bott, Alon Gordon against the Bomb, Canter, a malicious foul, about 2 goals. In the third battle, the Nuggets leads 84 to 79.

At the end of the battle, the small -potris hit, the layup of Montemorres, CJ has been 4 points, and the Austin Rivis is sought. Anthony has been away, she has 8 points, helping the Pioneering Party team. Little Rivis hits far away, help the Nuggets to stop bleeding. Alon Gordon and Anthony were bombarded, Xiaolian 2nd remembers, the Nuggets received 8 points.

Anthony presents on the court celebration

Lillad has learned 5 points, and Jiki has a penalty of 4 points, and Alon Goth has scored, and the Nuggets will continue to lead. Powell, Lillad successively scored, Xiaoli also reappeared, Campazza penalty 2 goals, the Nuggets only had only 43 seconds left, and it has achieved 10 points leader, which can be locked.

Lirad, Anthony has three-pointer to help the pioneers to renew. Xiaoli, Campazzo, Montemuris continuously punished the play, Lillad and CJ entered 1 remember, the Pioneering team narrows the difference to 3 points before the end of the end of the end of 3 seconds. Yekichi continued to fight the front audience basketball, and finally strongly attacked. Lillad didn’t get in, and the game was over. The Nuggets, the ultimate danger.

Jochi Single, Nurkich

This game, the Nuggets Inner Line General Joyki, and the defender Xiaolifus has a strong performance. Yaki, cut down 36 points 11 panels 5 assists, and kill the quartet on both ends of the attack and defense. Xiaolifus, then hetered at the end of the day, unique 16 points. Xiaoli, the Pioneer team will continue to invest 4 records 3 points, helping the Nuggets to expand the division to two digits, and lock the victory. Yauchi and Xiaoli, in this war, the battle has chopped 57 points 14-board 7 assists, which is the hero of the winning of Denver.

Xiaoli broke out

Trail teams, 5 giant Lillad, CJ McCalem, Anthony, Nurkich, Powell jointly broke out, and took 107 points. The above 5 people have 5% out of the shooting rate, which is very good at the offensive end. However, the trailer team waves the last moment, but also defeated the opponent. I have to complete 12 points reversal of the pioneer team 5 giants, can only be disappeared.

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