Juventus has decided to return to the Alegi Dip Teaching team, Juventus management is also brewing storm.

It is understood that Juventus has decided to go back to the Alegi to coach the team in next season, according to the news disclosed by people around Alegi, both sides may have already signed the contract.


Two days ago, the friend of Alegar, Giovanni Galeone, said: “He is a desire for rumors and returning to Juventus, letting me believe that all this is true.”

According to the “Evening Post” news, in recent days, Alegi has been seen many times in Turin (in Turin House), and he also made several dialogue with Agneli, the two maintained Good relationship, the relevant matters of returning to Juventus have also rapidly advanced in recent days, even if Pirlo can rate the League qualifications, Alegi will also become a coach next season.

In addition to the return of Alegi, Juventus management is also brewing storms, Naddvid and Paratic are likely to leave. “Evening Post” also revealed that a few months ago, Aleguri was invited by Rome, and both parties were very close, but Alegi did not agree.

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