Series Alliance: Temporary the start of the 2021-22 season Arabian started on August 22, 2021 – December 23 to January 6th for the winter break

Serie A Alliance held a meeting, local time on May 5th, temporarily identified the start time of the 2021-22 season League.


In addition, according to the football market, Daniele-London reporter, in the Series League meeting, Milan, held His director in Serie A Alliance, held in Yesterday.

The new season Arabian is scheduled to begin on August 22, 2021, December 23 to January 6th for the winter break, season will end on May 22, 2022. Serie A Alliance finalized this date at the meeting, but it also needs to be approved by the Italian Football Association.

The European Cup of this summer will end on July 11, which means that the time to stand for the new season will be very small.

At the same time, Series Alliance also requested the Italian Football Association to increase the number of teams of the Youth League from the current 16 to 18.

The Italian Cup will also be redeveloped again. According to Calcio E Finanza, only the 40 teams of Serie A and this next season participated.

Previously, the initial stage of the Italian Cup will also be open to Scott and Guarts team, but local time on May 5th Africa Meeting meetings, choose the Italian Cup system to make the game to broadcast TV over the TV. is attractive.

Calcio E Finanza said that the new season Italy Cup will begin from August 15th, from the 20th clubs and 20 bits of B clubs, while the team 12 of the top 12 will enter the 16th.

For this season, there is no Splium or Guartan team to pass through the top three rounds of the Italian Cup, so when you arrive in the fourth round, it is already architect.