Mourinho was announced to become a new coach next season. He will carry a role from his own east.

Just two weeks later, Mourinho was announced to become a new coach in Rome next season. The Portuguese returned to Italy hopes to revitalize the fate of this season’s hard struggle club. This music is currently ranked seventh in Serie A, and the same city opponent Lazio is 9 points. It is believed that Mourinho will be supported in the transfer market in this summer, because the top of the club hopes that Rome can return to the Champions League. With the Magic Bird In the Handling of the Charlin League in the past decade, we can almost foresee that he will explore angular actions from your old people.

Matta (Manchester United)

After two consecutive years, Mourio started to coach Chelsea for the second time, considering that the speed is not enough to match his system, he decided to sell this Spanish. However, Mourinio once again met the 33-year-old player in the transfer of Manchester United, this time he chose to fight side by side with him. The Tower’s contract expires at the end of the season, which means he can freely transfer to Rome. However, although their second cooperation brings more success than the first time, the Blue Army idol is unlikely to choose the third cooperation under the leadership of Mourinio, especially the experienced Spanish front strippe. Luo has been working hard.

Lucas – Mora (Hot thorn)

After Mourinio coaching the talents, Mora is more than the number of fames in the spurs (80 times). In fact, the 58-year-old Portuguese Tead had once a Brazilians’ worshipers, and he tried to bring the Brazilian to Real Madrid. Mourinio said after losing to Wesham: “Lucas is a team player. This is what the team needs. Many times people usually do not give this kind of player correct evaluation. He is always for the team Try to do much, although sometimes it is very exciting or not very exciting, he is always there, always fighting for the team. Today, I think he is very good. He kicked 65 minutes two days ago, he made the team. Amazing effort. “A problem that may affect the transaction is the price of the player. Considering that Mora and the talented contract, Lei may require a considerable fee. This paper may also depends on whether the spurs will officially sign Bell.

Lamera (thermal thorn)

As a former Roman players, Lamera is one of Mourini’s favorite players during the pony. The winger has been criticized by temper, but it turns out that this is the quality appreciated by his career coach. “An excellent Ramera, I like it. He is the player I like very much. I like his first thing is that he wants to play. He wants to take responsibility. He never hide. He wants the ball He sometimes has a little impulsive, but this is a positive impulse because he is always thinking “I want to play, I want the ball, if the ball doesn’t find me, I have to find the ball ‘.” Argentine’s contract One year, the spurs hopes to get rid of him this summer, so it may be sold in a reasonable price.

Dell (Spurs)

Dell is another favorite of Mourinho, in the last year of their fight, he transfers from a defensive midfield to a sanitation. The 27-year-old player has publicly said that he regards himself as a defender, and now he has achieved this wish, and the appearance is often leading the experienced Al develry. Despite this, the club will sell it due to thermal thorn already lacks the British superfield. At this stage, the possibility of Sanchez or an old Aldeerele leaving is also bigger than the British. In addition, Dell, who is often selected for Sosgi National team, may be more willing to stay in Premier League.

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