Knicks will sit on the home to meet the sun Paul VS Randl Nicks, can I get 10 consecutive victories?

Randel is expected to take a team to get 10 consecutive victories. Beijing time on April 27th, at 7:30 am, the recent Nicks in the state will move the sun at home.


It is expected that both parties

Sun: Cameron – Johnson, Bridges, Enton, Paul, Boke

Knicks: Randel, Brock, Nord, Elfried Pedon, Barrett

Confrontation Review: The sun is killing Knicks last season

This is the first time the two teams will meet the first season. In the 2019-20 season, the sun kills Knicks, the two sides have recently handed over January 17, 2020, when the sun 121-98 victorious opponent, Bak got 29 points, Etys got 26 points 21 rebounds. This season, the lineup of the two teams has changed, and the past record no longer has reference.

Look at the game: Can the Knick War have 10 consecutive victories?

Nicks is undoubtedly the most popular team in NBA. Since the overtime bears from April 0, Knicks have got 9 consecutive victories, which also packed the team’s last 25 years old success record, In 2012, Knicks once got 9 consecutive victories. In 2013, New York has got 13 winning victories.

Nicks’ current record is 34 wins and 27 losses, the last time, more than 50% of the winning rates will also be traced back to the 2012-13 season.

Next, can Nexak continue to fierce, get 10 consecutive victories? In this season, Knick’s team was 21 wins by 50% or less, but only 13 wins and 19 losses in the face of more than 50% of the winning rate. The sun will undoubtedly test their color.

Star comparison: Paul VS Randel

The Paul has a 16-point 4.6 rebounds 8.7 assists, and the shooting rate is 48.6%. On the alliance assists, Paul ranked sixth, his attack on the team is the key to the success of the sun this season. When the CP3 control field is stable, the sun often can win the game, and vice versa. The last battle, Paul got 14 points 4 rebounds 8 assists, 6 mistakes were flattened, and when Paul had six mistakes, the sun lost the game.

Randel has been fully evolved in this season, and his field has been 24 minutes and 10.5 rebounds 6 assists, and the fields can be investigated 2.2 three points, and the three-point hit rate is also as high as 41.6%. On April 22nd, he got 40 points and 11 rebounds. The last defeated Raptors, Landel got 31 points 10 rebounds, and he became the first successful two consecutive games. 30 points 10 rebounds of Knicks players.

Two teams recent situation: Nicks 9 consecutive victories, the sun

Knicks is currently all the way, defeating the Raptors in the last, and they play 56% shot hit and 51.6% of the three-pointer, in addition to Landel exerted, Baret got 25 points and 12 rebounds, Rose Get 19 points on the bench.

The sun encounters two joints, which also makes them the second position in the western part. Previous, the sun is not enemy basket network, Bak 24 shot 12, three-pointer 5 shots 4 in the 36 points, Etys and Kraig got 20 points, but the sun can’t prevent the opposition of the opponent, They let the Durant who have just come out of 33 points on the bench, let the European have gave 34 points. The audience, the sun allows the opponent to play 52.9% shot hit and 46.4% of the three-pointer.

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