The Lakers burst into the sun, the sun is cut down 42 points + 12 rebound + 5 assists

Big burst! On May 10, Beijing time, the Lakers hosted the sun, and the lake in the game was successfully defeated with 123-110. Although the current Lakers need to win, but in the face of the solar team, plus the Lakers still lack Kuz Ma, where the Lakers want to win will be a very difficult thing. It is only that it is that the Lakers in the game have played a good state in the game, which allows the Lakers to occupy the leading advantage of the big score, and the lake in the back of the lakes maintain their own offensive status, although fourth The sun is trying to fight in the season, but the Lakers finally stabilize the situation and defeated the sun.

In this competition, the attacked state of Paul, he tried to lead the team to reverse in the fourth quarter, but the sun did not complete such a thing. The whole game ended in Paul’s 13-point 4 rebound 10 assists. . The Bak’s offensive status is also very general, and the full game ends Bark gets 21 points 6 rebounds 1 assists. However, replacing Pethen’s performance in this game, but unfortunately, Payne’s outbreak is limited to the team’s help, and other players don’t have a good way to make the sun lost the game. At the end of the game, Penne 10 got a 24 minute 1 rebound data.

In this competition, it continued to maintain its own state. The whole game ended in the glimpse 27 13 got 42 points 12 rebound 5 assists data, it can be said that when the eyebrows can have such performance, then the Lakers are there. A more winning opportunity, and the season is coming soon, in this case, the eyebrows are also the performance of this outbreak. As for Pop in this game, it is also true. After all, he played the way to help the team a leader. He is also very important to maintain such a firepower in the outside line. The game is over the game. 17 points 2 rebounds 2 assists data, while other Lakers players, Carru, Guso, got 17 points, 3 rebounds 8 assists, Zhuang god received 6 points and 10 rebounds 2 assists, Harrer got 12 points and 3 rebounds The data.

After this competition, the eyebrows received the media interview, talked about James, and the eyebrows said: As I saw his state today, he will soon recover. Believe me, he will come back soon. For James, it is clear that James will quickly rehabilitate, and if it is like a strong eyebrow, then this will be a very critical thing for the Lakers. After all, the current Lakers need a healthy James, If James can’t keep health here, then the Lakers are probaburies in the playoffs really unable to come to a long position.

Race review:

After the first competition, the Lakers played a good start, and the sun is under the status of the sun, and the sun has a 16-point leading advantage, and the last three points in the last game stopped, but in the thick eyebrows and Under the play of Halore, the first quarter ended 11 points.

In the second game, Paul’s derived, Carru and Tuck are continuing to help the team score, Bridges and others play a chasing score, at the end, the eyebrows continue to keep hot, half of the lakes lead 12 points. In the third quarter, the Lakers continued to keep offensive. As the competition, the sun’s offense failed, in such cases, the Lakers continued to expand their lead, and the three games ended the Lakers’ leading 21 points.

The fourth game in Zhong Caud helped the team, and Harrell and Carru were given back. Although Paul led the team to catch up with a bit number, the lake man who relied on the burdogue or locked the victory. The victory of the game.