China National Football has just announced: the big list of the 40th game Zhang Linyi successfully returned

China’s national football team has also announced a big list of the 40th game, including up to 7 people in Guangzhou team, Zhang Linzhao returned. But for another newly selected Evergrande, he suffered serious injuries in the league. On 11 o’clock on May 10, Shenhua official announced that the national gamper has caused two rib fractures due to the injury in the game with Hebei Province, which is expected to take a while.

The club wrote in the announcement: When I was hurt in the second half, I was sent to the competition after the change in the competition. After the game, he was sent to the hospital after the game, and he found two rib fractures, There is a mild pneumatic chest, I hope he rehabilits will return to the game as soon as possible.

Zeng Cheng was at the time of fighting a corner, colliding with the opponent player, and then he took place in pain. After the brief treatment of the team doctor, it will be put into battle immediately. After being sent to the hospital, Zeng Cheng immediately updated the social platform and telling his own situation. He wrote: Unfortunately, he failed to bring victory to the team today. Now he received a blessing of many friends, thank you for your concern. I have already got a good treatment. It is very honored to be awarded that the national team is very honored. It is his most proud thing. Finally, Li Tie will be able to lead the other country’s foot brothers to triumph.

According to Zeng Cheng’s current injuries, it will affect Li Tie’s deployment of the 40th race. There is also a media speculation for this, and the teenage Han Jiaqi from Guangzhou City has a list of candidates. But in any case, it is so sad before the key contest, and the fans can only regret to Zeng Cheng.

As a fan, I can only wish him to recover as soon as possible, even if I can’t participate in the 40th game, I can catch the next stage of the next stage in June, come on, you will always be our Saint-sincere!

As we all know, in the last two years of constant effectiveness, Zeng Cheng is always injured, resulting in a decline in state. After the transfer of Shenhua, it was hard to find a state. Since October last year, the list of national football lists can be selected, and the list of the 40th race will be entered, from falling to climb, the efforts of Zeng Cheng have witnessed I didn’t expect to come to God.