Super League: Chongqing Two River Athletics Failure to assemble the Chongqing team may be difficult to escape

After the end of the first five rounds, the Super League entered a month of the break. After a short break, all teams have been resolved, preparing for the Super League game starting next month. However, a team fails to assemble on time, that is, Chongqing Two River Athletics.

Now that Chongqing two river team players are still waiting, they don’t know how the team’s next fate will be. If the Chongqing team cannot continue in the middle of the season, the overall deployment of the Super League this season will be chaos. I hope that the Chongqing Chongqing team of this life can stay!

According to the latest news, in the case of other teams, the Chongqing team players are still waiting. Today, the status of the Chongqing team, similar to the beginning of the year, the players can’t see any hope of the team, they can only wait quietly to wait for the club’s rule.

In the case where the club is delayed, the Chongqing Two River Athletics Some players spontaneously returned to the base training to keep the state. However, the silence of the club makes the players feel desperate, and it is said that they have been arreled for 7 months of salary. When this money is able to arrive, it will not respond.

At present, the relevant departments of Chongqing and team investors have begun to negotiate, but negotiations have not received any progress. If the League will not reach an agreement, the Chongqing team may not be able to disband the fate.

Despite the impact of external factors such as bank, the performance of the Chongqing team’s players is still very dedicated. After the first 5 rounds of the season, the Chongqing team was 1 win 1 flat 3 to the 11th place in the standings. This score is an acceptable result for the Chongqing team of a large number of lost players this year.