The 5th round of the Super League: Guangzhou City team is eager to win in Guangzhou Lion Team, Guangzhou City

At 20:00 on May 14 (Friday), Beijing time, the 5th round of the Zhongchao continued, Guangzhou City against Luzhou Lion. Only 4 trip to the two sides were recorded, and the Luzhou lion was 2 wins and 1 flat 1 louder, slightly the wind.

Guangzhou City vs Zhangzhou lion, the game is as follows:

First: Guangzhou City is eager to win, avoid 2 rounds! Guangzhou City is currently accumulating 7 points. Seventh. In the upper turn, the super 2-4 can’t be in Shenzhen, exposing the shortcomings of the team air defense. This round of the Cangzhou lion, Guangzhou City, is eager to defeat his opponent, but it is necessary to avoid that Zhangzhou Lion will learn from Shenzhen’s air raid tactics, foot technology, Guangzhou City will dominate, the team wants to play fast anti-tactics.

Second: Zhangzhou Lion is eager to win the season! Zhangzhou Xiong Shi currently 2 points, 2 points, the number of countdowns, the last season, this round of Guangzhou City, the center Sangor, Zhongwei Suzu has a strong battle, this is the biggest city of Guangzhou City Weakness, can Zhangzhou Lion learn Shenzhen team as a successful air strike Guangzhou City? If the two teams have the skills, the Luzhou lion is not a winning, Muriqi is now sliding, and the value of tactical value is not as good as Matthew, and the Luzhou lion must take advantage of Sangole’s fulcrum and grab point, and Designed to position the ball tactics, strive to use the advantages of “high people”.