Football Association official: Due to the foul to death, 3 games, a fine of 30,000 penalties

Beijing time May 7 news, the Football Association officially released an announcement, identified in Taishan and Henan competition, Wang Shangyuan uses the act of hitting the other player Guo Tianyu’s behavior violation, causing a bad social impact, so I am stopping 3 games + fine 30,000 penalties. Although the players were punished, the fans had more difficult to understand the ridiculous behavior of the referee. In addition, although the hitter Wang Shengyuan is punished, the punishment level of the same behavior is obviously different.

However, this time, this time, the punishment of Wang Suan is still from light. It is necessary to know that the first Wolf is famous, Guoan core Zhang thin, in the competition of Chongqing, a slap in the opponent, directly stop 12 games, plus 60,000 fine. Wang Shangyuan and Guo Tianwu are now in the state, and Li Tie’s national team also pointed to the world’s preliminaries, and does not rule out the idea of ​​protecting the state.

From the incident environment, Wang Shangyuan has suspected handball behavior in the defensive, and Guo Tianyu is going to find a referee, and the results of Wang Shangyuan did not play, and they were in a hurry. The body is in contact, and the king’s source is directly pressed. At that time, Guo Tianyu was busy with another one, missed the opportunity to pull back to a city, if it is really hit, Wang Shangyuan is really his opponent.

Although Wang Source is punished, the fan is still questioning, that is, so obvious hunting action, why did the referee and video assistant referee have not paying attention? At that time, the referee only gave the two man-head warnings, it is really difficult to understand. Let’s take a look at the current stop and fine, is our referee? If this kind of behavior is changed to other referee, it is a yellow card. If you exchange the card master Master Ma Ning, the king’s upper source can leave the game directly.