Zhongchao: Lifting Wame Ma Changchun Yatai 1: 0 defeated Shanghai Shenhua Li Xiaopeng is not as good as Li Tie Talissa transfer to benefit 3

The promotion of Changchun Yatai 1: 0 defeated Shanghai Shenhua

The ranking of the promotion of China Changchun Yatai has come to China, the third, the promotion of the Shanghai Shen Yatai 1: 0, and the accumulation of 9 points. The Yatai 5 games were zero opponents, including Shanghai Shuangxiong, Yatai became the first stage defense team. Shanghai Shenhua seems to be very fierce every season, the middle is pulverized, and if you want to get the champion, or the status is stable.

Wu Hao has a decisive influence on the lack of the whole branch. It did not see what Cui Kangxi didn’t think about what Cui Kangxi thought. In fact, it is better to start three highs. The lineup of the opening is good. This open lineup does not have any content in addition to Maleno’s head.

Li Xiaopeng is not as good as Li Tie

Li Xiaopeng is not as good as Li Tie, Wuhan 1: 2 to Tianjin, Tianjin successfully escaped the downgrade, and the Wuhan team took the position of Tianjin into the first stage of the first stage of the new season. Originally, Li Xiaopeng was put forward by the “hard brother”, he was opposed by Wuhan fans. After the end of this round, the Wuhan team steadily took the position of the deputy leader, and then Li Xiaopeng’s days were more difficult.

In the 19th season, the Wuhan team took the lead in Li Tie, but the 6th place was obtained. Although the 20th season has achieved the 15th, due to the influence of the epidemic, this ranking does not fully reflect the true strength of Wuhan team. However, after Li Xiaopeng came, it took directly to the countdown first.

Of course, this year’s achievements are not good, there is objective reasons, such as foreign aid Mbia’s neurotic. 5 games were given to the other party, they have to have a red card, and a person changed the results of three games. For example, the staff of the national team is exhausted. Although Wuhan team only has two national team members, and it is possible to make soy sauce, but in the Wuhan team is absolute strength, it is also a snow in a snow in the arrangement of Li Xiaopeng.

Li Xiaopeng has not had a systematic study in the head of the coach. He has been with superb empties and related experiences and their past experience, so it is inevitable that there is no way to encounter technical footage. This time, Li Xiaopeng has poor achievements in Wuhan Zall, and it has objective factors, but it also highlights the shortcomings of Li Yapeng itself.

Talisca transfer will benefit 3

Talisca transfer has benefited 3 parties, joining Riyadh victory, this is a good thing for Talissa, Guangzhou team, Karavaro, because Talissa’s departure makes the triparties benefit this, this is A good transfer. After Talissa was injured, it suddenly won’t play.

At the scene, it is often one of the most vomiting in foreign aid. One of the players said that he is Karnavaro’s son, because Carnavar has always trust Talissa, but the reality is the two championships in Guangzhou. Tariska has arrived at Riyada, perhaps in a new environment. He will rebirth, and Guangzhou also saves a big salary overhead. Cannavaro does not have to make him tangled.