James 1 person single team’s frying dunks! Half a 10 shot 9 is deserved is the emperor of Cleveland

NBA regular season, the Lakers fight the Knight, James returns to Cleveland. In the face of his most familiar opponents, James is crazy, the limit is turned into the three stunches, the dry cuts, the three points are also very exciting, and more amazing is that the first one of the first 1 person is a single squad. buckle!

There is no relationship, James half-field 9 in 9, three points 5 in 4 won 23 points, there are 7 rebounds and 4 assists, can’t imagine, this is a 36-year-old old! Too strong, is well deserved is the emperor of Cleveland.

Although the fans in this festival are only 2,000, they still have a huge cheer when introducing James. James returned to the old land. In the face of the old man’s home, it was also a domineering of the magnesium powder. This is a more than two years of James for the first time in the Cleveland, the last return is still traced back to November 21, 2018.

Re-return, James is very efficient, perhaps it is too familiar with the basket, so James has played more than a long time, and James will play Osman in the basket. After turning over, leaving the lead, then the top three points An arrow is worn. At the last moment of the first quarter, James first turned back and leaned into the hopping, then withdrawing three points and stabilizing 5 points! The first James scored 17 minutes and 4 rebounds in 9 minutes, three of which were three points 5 in 4, which can be said that firepower explosion.

The second section of James continues the feeling, although it is reduced but the hit rate is amazing, the crazy once appeared in the last attack before the Lakers half. James arc the ball, Car Luo, cover, James directly accelerates to kill in all defensive players and bombing explosions! It is a pity that Osman has opened the back field to speed up, and the 4 seconds pressed the whistle hand and throws three points. James is also a face, this stunned ball is better than me!

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