Small Gasol encountered the left hand little fingerboard bone crack, the next game Lakers played doubts

On April 16, Beijing time, the Lakers lost to the Celtics 113 to 121, and the center of the center of the center was 18 points and 4 rebounds 3 assists in this battle, but the left hand finger was dislocated in the game. After the game, the X-ray examination results showed that small Gasol encountered the left-handed small fingerboard bone cracking, the next game Lakers played doubts on Sir.

During this time, the injury storm broke out sharply in the NBA, which was more important for the Lakers to maintain health, and more important than one or two games, but also important than the first round of the first round in the season. The Lakers currently recorded 34 wins and 22 losses, and there were 1.5 winners behind the Nuggets. For the Lakers, the good news is that the brother can participate in the full stadium training, although the two games are unlikely to come out, but the return time is getting closer and closer.

The Lakers were still injured, and the team was wounded. James, Davis, Dramond, Makir Morris, Dudelley absent the game with the Celtics. Schroeder has always been injured in the past. Nowado is now suffering from injury.

The original center of the lake is very crowded. The coach Woger is a good time to give the Little Gasol, but now Zhuang Shen and Xiaogasol are injured and may stop, the Lake people’s center is missing, maybe Kos Tas Ado Kun Po in the rotation lineup.

The Lakers Condyl Harrison Faigen revealed that the team will not train tomorrow, considering the number of people who are injured now, this is not surprising.

The Lakers will be on April 18th to meet jazz at home, and the team will cancel training on April 17th and to give some rest time for the team. The Lakers have experienced 7 rows of tourists in the past five consecutive games, and the boat Raute has just returned to Los Angeles and played a game.

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