The Wizards final 118-114 defeated the Warrior Team Curry 6 turnover Wizards Can the Wizards team be entered the playoffs?

On April 22, Beijing time, the Wizards welcomed the challenge of the Warriors at home. In the past eight games in the past, the Warriors have won the victory in the past eight games. They still have not given up in the rancing. The Wizards have achieved 5 consecutive victories before this game. In terms of injury, the Warriors, the Warriors, Pascal, Claie, Damn – Lee, Anderson and Woseman are absent; Wiki is here, the eight villages are absent, the Thomas Bryant Season Reimbursement. Warriors, the starter is Kurin, Vilins, Bezmmore, Green and Luni; Wizards, the starter is Wei Shao, Nnerg, Bill, Avdia and Ryan. This game, the Wizard final 118-114 defeated the Warrior.

The two major competitions are reimbursed, and there is a line of life in the future.

In today’s competition, Wizards front Frienda unfortunately injured, according to the ESPN name, his right leg X-ray test results are intravenous fractures, and reimbursed season. As one of the main force of this season, Avdia has played 53 games in the team, and the fields were 6.3 points 4.9 rebound 1.2 assists. In January this year, Wizards started the center Thomas – Bryant left knee cross ligament torn, season reimbursement.


At present, the Wizards record is 25 wins and 33 losses. The tenth of the East, according to the Alliance, the seasons are ranked in 7-10 teams will be subsequent, and then finalize the quota of the season. At present, Wizi only leads the first robbery 0.5 winners, and the walker is 2 winners. They want to enhance the playoffs, and there is a line of life, and if you see the Wizards, you can grasp.

Two sides

Warriors: Curi three points 14 in 14, 6 mistakes, the positive and negative value-23, get 18 points +7 rebound +8 assists, Ubra Air cut 24 points + 9 rebounds, Betmmore get 19 points + 9 rebound +3 assists, Vikins three points 7 in 0, get 14 points + 4 rebounds, Green get 8 points + 4 rebound +8 assists, Puri slashes 22 points + 3 rebounds.

Wizards: Bill cuts 29 points + 10 rebounds, Wei Shao won the three-double data from 14 points + 20 rebound + 10 assists, Toro got 18 points +3 rebound + 4 assists, Len won 3 rebound +3 assists, Bellet Scared 19 points +6 rebounds.

Game review

The first competition: The book is taken first, and the outside of the wonders has 5 points. Subsequently, the Warriors appeared many mistakes, and the Wizards played a wave of 11-0, the first game, the first game, the Wizards 16-9 lead the warrior. Betmmore took the game of Green, three points in the bottom of the bottom, the Warriors took a bad time, and the shots were very poor. Curry breaks through the inner wire score, but the wonders are getting better and better, and the inner lines have, and continuously expand the leading division. At the end of the festival, Wei Shao hit three points, Wizards lead the Warriors in this section 18 points (38-20).

2nd game: Ubra hits the jumper, Bell Tam hits three points, the Warriors launched counterattack, Puri 3 + 1, Warriors play a wave of 10-0, narrow the difference. Subsequently, Bell Tuesmid was fined (Puba Technical foul). However, since then, there is no sports battle in four minutes. The warriors immediately played a wave of 8-0, only 2 points behind. At the end of this competition, Jiaford took less assistant to complete the dunks, Green also assists Ubund air and dunks. Subsequently, Wizi Avdia was hurt. At the end of the half, the Warriors are only 2 points behind.

The third game: Wei Shao helps the inner pair of baskets, Bill internal lines, after three points, the wizhong will expand the division to 9 points in 7-0. Warriors launch the counterattack, Besmore + Curia, three points, the warrior played a wave of 13-0 offensive, and more than 4 points. Subsequently, Bill lay in the basket, and the wizards broke the scorpion. The Warriors followed the attack, and the arc of the Rioli’s arc flying defenders once again hit three points, and the division expanded at this time to 7 points. Warriors Pur will re-three, the waters are continuous impact warriors, get 4 points. The third section ends, the Warriors 93-86 leading the special talent.

Section IV: The god-raised Bellans three points in the bottom line, and Warri Luni is told. Subsequently, the Warriors had three points outside the three-line lines, and the Warriors led the first 9 points. Wizards did not give up, Bill jumped two points, the warrior continued to score outside. In terms of Wizards, the inner support breaks through the score. At the last moment, Wei Shao showed excellent, the two teams did not shoot many times, it was Wei Shao broke through the killer score, and he also steals the opponent score. At the last moment, the Warriors Virkins did not wait in the game.

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