0: 0! The Guangzhou City was detained by the Zhangzhou Lion, which is the first game of Guangzhou City.

Beijing time on May 14, 2021, in Yuexiu Mountain, the 5th round of Super Ying was played. Guangzhou City was awarded 0 to 0 by Luzhou Lion, which is also the first game in Guangzhou City. After 5 rounds of competition, Guangzhou City was 8 points to temporarily rank in the Guangzhou Division 3. It should be said that this score has reached the expectation of the club, and the 5-war 8 balls lost 7 goals more ideal than the same period last year. Of course, Guangzhou City this year’s lineup can only count in the middle of the Super 16 team, especially the five foreign aids currently play the whole medium.

Although Tiago has a certain scorpion, it is a typical No. 9 center player, but his personal abilities seem to have a unique side. The personal technical ability and mobile skills of Gilletta are undoubtedly the strongest in Guangzhou City, but his current location is to repeatedly transform in the position of the left road and the front waist, and there is no advantage in the body confrontation and speed. Therefore, how to truly use him or test a big problem.

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Carl Dona is very obvious that the physical state has not reached the debut, he can only leave a long-term training adjustment in the next few months. As for Dengbelei, he will directly determine the midfield control of Guangzhou City, but unfortunately he is only about 60 minutes of physical fitness.

Senson is currently the most suitable location or placed in the defensive midfield, but his running coverage has not been able to compare with his own peak, even if the hardness of the fight, temporarily seeing in the middle of the foreign aid, only a medium level .

Domestic players, Ye Chuui this year’s bulletic is a little bit a little, but his physical fitness is still a short board. Changfei’s location this year is mainly fixed to the right back, but he wants to take into account the right way. Although his speed advantage still exists, the ability to treat the ball after the end of the side is broken or the bottom is still poor, and it is clearly lacking the game. This also restricts his development.

R & F Sanzhong Wei This year’s overall extension is slightly improved last year, if it is not lost 4 balls to the Shenzhen team, the current defensive data is still satisfactory. Throughout the seven balls they lost, there are six high-altitude balls, and they can see a significant short board in their defensive high ball. In addition to Huang Zhengyu, other Zhongwei actually physical conditions, but the accuracy of the pre-proportion of high ball destinations and the choice of two-point protection have great improvement space.

Fan Shuai, from the previous five rounds of competitions, it is a bit more than the point of view, but if you look from tactical thinking and prevention, I am afraid it is slightly conservative. Of course, after the adjustment in the next month, maybe he will bring some new changes!

Han Jiaqi has been selected for the best players on the spot in the top 5 games in Guangzhou City, and he is also one of the top five rounds of premium. There is no doubt that Han Jiaqi, which is less than 22, will be able to strengthen stability, the future must be the key candidates of the national football main goalkeeper.