25-year-old Cameroon Star Barno decided to give up on the latest call of his national team, stay in China to prepare for the Super League

The Super League has ended the 5 rounds of competition, and the teams also have a short period of time in the national football preliminaries, ushered in a short break adjustment opportunity. Many foreign aids and coaches took this opportunity to leave China, returned to their own The state handles their own affairs, however, this will also bring risks to the next stage of the next phase of the next phase. Today, 1 powerful foreign aid for many years of superior cost has made a touching move, he has decided to give up the latest call of his national team, stay in China to prepare for the Super League!

This is the 25-year-old Cameroon Star Barno, and he joined Henan Lushan Longmen with 6 million euros in early 2017, and his age is still small, but it is already the main striker of the Cameroon National Team. It is considered Cameroon. Future star. Basuo has quickly conquered the fans in the 4th Super League of the Lushan Longmen, Henan Province, contributed to the data of 17 games, enough to see his abilities, the new season he also joined the Chinese Super Hamen Shanghai Shenhua!

Basuo has now come to a turning point in his career. After coming to Shanghai Shenhua, he also first heard the opportunity to compete for the championship, he obviously also wanted to prove his value, in the new season In the Super League, he also took the initiative to ask the penalty ball, reflecting his sense of love and responsibility for Shenhua! Have to say, we look forward to the next example of Baoso, he is the example of Zhongchao foreign aid!

In the first 5 rounds of the new season, Basuo is often used by Cui Kangxi as a shelf, the top 5 rounds of league, but only one start. In this case, he helped the team contributed 2 goals and showed a super competitive state. In this way, he also again obtained the recognition of the Cameroon National Team. In the latest Cameroon National Team, Basone’s name is in column, which also gave him a tough choice!

According to the latest news of “Oriental Sports Daily”, Basone has decided to give up the Cameroon National Team, staying in China in this interval, so as not to cause more serious consequences and impacts to the team because of epidemic prevention. Such a move is very rare in the Mid-player, and Basuo also uses such actions to prove their loyalty. You know, this Cameroon national team will compete with Nigeria and other strong brigades, which is a great opportunity to lay in the future of the national team!