Another major player Ji Xiang, another player, Jixiang, a main player, Jiangsu team, bid farewell team, will transfer another battle team Shandong Taishan.

According to the domestic media news, today on the afternoon of March 23, it was the day announced by the third-level league access, and I don’t know if the afternoon was postponed or canceled. At the moment, the first-entry list is about to announce, the New Department of the Super Champion Jiangsu team also bid farewell team, according to the Jiangsu team to disclose, will transfer another vulnerable group team Shandong Taishan.

As the vice minister of the Jiangsu team, Ji Xiang definitely calculates the representative of Jiangsu football. From the age of more, he began to join Jiangsu Haotian’s echelon. When he went to the front team, finally helped the Jiangsu team got the first Super League champion. Jixiang explains the belief of one team with his own adheres and loyal. Helpless, the Jiangsu team should have determined the list of incoming access, and the ending of the next year is only disbanded.

Ji Xiang, born in 90 years, is only 31 years old, is also in the peak period of career, as a melon-type defender, join Shandong Taishan, can also rely on the strength of the champion defender, in Hao Wei’s lineup, get it A main position. I also hope that his career can be smooth, and in the future, we can also see the style of “seven second brothers” again.

For the players of Jixiang, Guangzhou Evergrande fans should be the most profound. At the time, the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center witnessed the birth of China Super record. Ji Xiang is in the main stage, in the middle of Guangzhou Evergrande, only 7 seconds after opening, and completed the broken door and became the fastest record of the Super League.

As a member of the Jiangsu team, several players such as Ji Xiang and Zhou Yun have been staging after the Jiangsu team stopped operation, and she hopes that the Jiangsu team can live to return to return. In the end, after the Jiangsu team can’t get the qualification in advance, he has to re-find the team and continue his career.