On March 20th, the Apalma team will meet the predecessor professional households who will win?

Beijing time 3:45 in the morning of March 20th, Serie A 28th will take the lead in launching a contest, and the old team Parma will welcome professional households. After the end of this round, the national team will usher in the national team, for the small and medium-sized clubs like Parma and Genoa, they will usher in a rare adjustment opportunity. The main team Parma’s current ranking is quite severe, so they don’t dare to slack, if they win this game, they have only one point in the safety zone in the case of one round, and they are on the shore. Close a step.

The Parma team of the home battle was seriously declining this season. As of now, the team only won the three league states very downturn. In the first 27 rounds, the Parma team only scored 25 balls, and the performance of the offensive end was quite sluggish. The defensive end is even more miserable, crazy lost 52 balls, this season is very weak in the two ends of the season. However, the recent Parma team showed a strong rebound moment, and the round they hosted the Roman team won the first victory since the 18 rounds of league! Nearly 5 rounds, Parma only lost to the top international Milan.

Genoa is a famous professional household, and they are always in the downgrade area in the last two seasons, but they can always complete the advancement task. This season’s Genoa is completely escaped from the downgrade. At present, they have got 28 points and the downgrade team opened 6 points. Recently, Genoa state is sluggish, and the six rounds of competitions have also harvested four sections. Nearly 5 games have lost their own defensive quality. The team off-attack mainly relying on the top of the top of the Stro this season, he has entered 9 league goals. In addition, the old Pandef often contributes the key goals this season to help the team, although the advancement is declining, but this The armored old fritters can always help the team get into the ball at a critical moment.

In the past 5 times, I faced the Genona team Parma has achieved a winning record, and psychologically occupying an absolute advantage. Parma hopes that this advantage will continue to keep this advantage in a good time that the team rebounds. From the perspective of confrontation, Palmema is a big bitterness of Genoa. Therefore, in the face of the recent state of emerging Genoa, Parma will never let go of this bill of money. In summary, the Parma team who operates at home can be held in the home of Genoa.

The main team Parma is a century-old store. After experiencing bankruptcy restructuring, they re-killing Serie A League. So they want to complete the advancement task. From the current level of advancement, Parma appeared unusually dangerous. Although Genoa received 6 points in the leading area, if they continued to maintain a recent downturn, they may return to the downgrade. So this is a match who can’t afford, it is likely to be related to the fate of the two teams. Parma’s recent state rebound, they hope to take the first game of this season.