Paris Saint-Germain has put forward a 3-year term contract to Messi

Barcelona became the most popular team who won the champion! Recently, in addition to losing the ball in Delby with Real Madrid, Barcelona performance in other competitions. After defeating Villarre, Caman’s team won again. In the case where the rounded competition and Real Madrid are lost, Barcelona’s won the situation is getting better and better. In the League standings, Barcelona has a record of 22 wins and 5 flat, accumulating 71 points, ranking third, like Real Madrid points, lagging behind the horse 2 points. However, Barcelona’s advantage is holding a small game. In combination with the current excellent state of the team, this makes Barcelona have the most popular teams winning this season.

The work of Barcelona introduced in the player is always in progress. On the front line of the team, the Langdale is a poor playing, it seems that he can’t bear the responsibility of Barcelona. Based on the previous news, the team has convinced Eric Garcia to receive a salary and basically determine the young guard. According to Six news in Spain, Barcelona still wants to continue to reinforce the rear defense, they are paying close attention to Juventus to prevent core Dereget. 21-year-old Deht is a recognized European football, one of the most well-defined young sidelines. He has joined Juventus’s transfer fee of 75 million euros. For Barcelona, ​​if you can sign Direget, he is very hopeful to be the team’s back to the core of the next 10 years.

There are 5 rounds of competition (6 of Barcelona), in the remaining schedules, most of Barcelona still pursue, the team does not fall light. These six oppresses are Granada, Valencia, Madrid, Vigorserta, Levante, and Evar. Only Eval is more than the backward, basically locked a population quota, and other teams still have their own goals. Ma Jing must say that they are the direct opponents of Barcelona compete for the champion. Granada and Vigo Selta are ranked 8 points and 9 points from Betis, respectively, and there is still hope to advance to the European stadium. Valencia and Levante have not been successful.

In terms of players, Barcelona can work together in the case of the league opening performance, Messi still plays the role of the medium-flow column in the team. Since the season, Messi played 30 times in the league, and scored 25 goals and contributed 9 assists. In the league shooter list, Messi is the first, leading the second Belt horse, 4 balls, very hope to harvest this season’s League Gold Boots. It is worth mentioning that in 30 games played in Messi, he got the best player in the audience, accounting for more than 60%, and the contribution to the team can be seen. In addition, the score of 8.51 points in Messi has also devotiated this, and he is the only one in the entire league to score more than 8 points.

However, such excellent Messi still has failed to complete the team. After the end of the last season, Messi even approached the transfer to leave the team. However, Barcelona refuses Messi to transfer the free player, so this turn will not be. Previously, there was a report that Raolga returned to Barcelona tends to renew with Messi, but he has not had specific actions. Messi has also said that it will now be considering all the efforts to compete for the league championship, renewal or transfer. However, because of the competitive level shown in Messi this season, some teams that are interested in him have begun to do way, throwing him “olive branches.” For example, Paris Saint-Germain.

According to South American transfer experts, Massalo Babhel said that Paris Shengzhurman has proposed a three-year term contract to Messi. Specifically, this contract is divided into two parts, the first part is a fixed 2 year contract, and the second part is a continuous process option for 1 year. At present, the specific salary treatment of this contract is unclear, but it is said to make Messi difficult to refuse. Paris Saint-Germain believes that there is no other team to provide better treatment, and they have sufficient confidence to sign Messi in the summer transfer window. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Maselo Beceler is also the first year to reveal Naarman will transfer from Barcelona.