Serie A League Tour: Juventus will meet the Naples team at home will win?

Beijing time on April 8th at 00:45, the 3rd round of Serie A League will carry out a complement, Juventus will meet Naples at home. Recently, Juventus’s state is relatively downturn, and two consecutive rounds will not win, and the ranking has fallen to the League fourth. If the game is lost to Naples, Juventus will fall out of the Champions League. If Juventus does not have a new choice for career, the coach Pierlo will definitely be dismissed, Juventus will be dismissed. Juventus will ushered in Juventus.

The importance of this game is self-evident in two teams. From the strength, Juventus is obviously higher than the opponent, but the team is in everything in everything, the home is not lost again. impossible. Plus the recent poor state, Juventus, who is fighting at home, seems to be difficult to be optimistic. So the individual supports the Naples, the Naples, the Naples, the Naples, who fights.

The Juventus team of the home battle is not good. In the Turndie Battle, with the hardships of C Ro, the integral gap is pulled to 12 points, completely lost the crown. Qualifications. If Juventus is lost to Naples, they will fall out of the league, and the coach Pilo is likely to be dismissed from place. Before the beginning of the Turnd, Italian media predicts that if the Loss of Germany will be dismissed from the ground, it is good to stay in the ground. According to the latest reports of Italy, Juventus President Agnelli has met with the former coach Alegi, this Juventus’s meritorious coach is likely to return again, and Juventus is pulled out from the mud.

According to the latest reports of the Turin Sports, if Juventus missed the Championships next season, C Luo will definitely leave Juventus. Although the C Roben season is still quite powerful, a total of 24 goals in the I apicker in the league, but his man’s performance cannot cover the downturn of the team. Considering the age of C Luo and his annual salary, you can take away the Portuguese King. The price of C Luo has also created a new low in his career and has fallen below 30 million euros.

Now Juventus has been in the crisis, the team must usher in some changes will win the opportunity to turn the transfer. Although C Ro’s last game helped Pirlo stayed with handsome, but for now Juventus, the exchangers may be what they can do. Nearly two games, Juventus faces the strength of Beneen Wencai and Turin, which may make C Luo to Juventus disappointment, so do not rule out Juventus high-level joint hand C Lu Luo Xiao get out of class. Once lost to Naples, Juventus will bid farewell to the top four of the league, or even the championship in the next season, this is unacceptable to Juventus’s fans.

On the point list, Juventus is the fourth place in Naples. Juventus, the hometown of the home battle, does need a victory to sweep the previous haze while consolidating the fourth position of his league. But their opponents of their temperaments are not good to deal with, the player’s era is commeminated, and after opening the coaching career, he put his hard style into the team, saying about Juventus, this is definitely A difficult bone. And Naples once defeated Juventus at home when the two parties were held for the first time. If you can realize the morale for Naples, it is effective to improve, and it can also help them occupy a favorable position in the competition of the Champions League.