What kind of views are C Luo hifts back to the Red Devil?

The Italian media broke the fence, and Manchester United can ensure that the Champions League is eligible, and will regard C Luo as an injective goal, and even borgaba is added to the interchange transaction! So what kind of view is you holding for Red Devils, C Lu?

C Luo + Rushford + Greenwood + B fee? If Manchester United has such an attack lineup, it is a picturesque!

In 2009, C Luo joined Real Madrid from Manchester United, only 24 years old. Today, 12 years have passed, can he really return to the old man? It seems that it seems unbelievable, but not there is no such possible.

From the perspective of C Luo, returning to Manchester United, not only can continue in the top stage, but also to continue to maintain its own ultra-high thermalness with the number of fans of the Red Devil.

From Manchester United point of view, C Robobi’s current main force is more good, want to win, really need such a top score, let alone C-Can sell jersey, how can Sande not love? As for salary, it is not a problem.

In fact, in C Luo Xin, Manchester United has always been a sacred existence. In 2014, he once responded to this topic, full of affection: “I love Manchester, everyone knows this. Manchester United is in my heart, I hope to have a day to go back.”

If C Luo, 7 years ago, C Luo is still thinking to open up, then he has been 36 years old, maybe more “homesick”. So is the Manchester United coach Solskia is willing to accept C Ron? The answer is yes!

Before, Solang was interviewed. When he was willing to coach the 99 Triple Crown period, he said that Roy-Kehen and Scolas were also specially added with the name of C Ro. “Don’t forget I have a teammate with Christiano, he is the world’s best player, so I don’t mind having him in my team. “