Barnet said: If you want to sign Bell, not only need enough funds, but you can attract Bell’s club

Recently, Bell’s broker Barnette accepted an interview with “Mirror” and said that if there is a team to sign Bell, it takes a lot of money and to ensure sufficient appearance time.


This season, Bell on behalf of the Bell, who was borrowed from Real Madrid to the team, got 14 goal 3 help, and staged a hat drama in the last league of Thani Feld.

In the interview, Barnet said: “If you want to sign Bell, not only have enough funds, but you can attract Bell’s club. This has made many clubs, but we haven’t discussed this yet. Aspect. He is the world’s top player, which is true that he has more injuries, but once he recovers, he will invest in the training and competition. It is to find the feeling of the game in the right position. “

“He has a lot of performance, you can also see his play. Like Most players, I need to enjoy life, so I can take out the best performance on the court. I still think that as long as it is suitable for him At the location, you can prove that you are the top player of the world. He just did not have a chance to prove his own. “