C Luo and Dibara have activated Juventus Milestones C Ron, and the first place in 3 different national music score is three-digit players.

Juventus 3 to 1 defeated Sa Solo, on May 13th, in the case of only two rounds of Series, only the fourth Naples of the Arabi, escaped from the non-European championship, still have a chance. It is just that Juventi’s next opponent is more difficult, and the next round of opponents is champion. Although Inter Milan has won the championship, he is an enemy with Juventus. Of course, it is fun to see the opponent’s fall altar, so it is possible. Moreover, the strength of the country is more than Juventi, Juventi’s biggest advantage is only C Luo, Dibara and Morata need to work more. In this game, C Ronal and Dibara have activated Juventus Milestones.

According to the data of virtue, Dibara uses 252 games to enter 100 goals. He is mainly injured, and conflicts with the space with C Luo. C Luo Jun 100 goals only used 131 games, which is the fastest record of Juventus. C Luo only used a hundred balls for only three seasons. As of this field, he had a total of 131 in Juventus, and the data is 100 goals 22 assists. Juventus has a total of 7 people to achieve a hundred-ball milestones, of which closest to C Luo is a four seasons of Western and Bacho.

In addition, according to the rule of ESPN, C Ro Luo is the first three-digit player in three different national music, and the first. The specific reason is that some players’ transfer are passive, because the state is slippery is abandoned by the club, but C Ro is because of career planning, he is currently working every time. However, this time may be slightly subtle, C Luo is still because of his career plan, especially if the Juventus is over, the Champions League will be held next season. Juventus also has a plan to sell C Luo because there is no budget to replenish C-Luo, give wages, and want to stop loss.

According to reports, although C Luo does not want to go to the US big union or China’s pension, he may choose to return to Portuguese old East Portuguese sports, and then retirerate after playing two years. With the state of C, in the formation of abuse, his number of goals will be a lot better than five alliances, and there is a theoretical support for 900 goals. Some news pointed out that C Roquor will also look at the family opinion, and his mother will talk about the relevant topics after the game.

When C Luo Mother was questioned to C Luo returned to the topic of Sports, she said that she will go to Italy every day to chat with C Luo, and persuade her son returns to Portuguese sports tomorrow. C Ro Mother also used “he will come back” such a prominence sentence. C Luo Mother is a Portuguese Sports Fan, if C Luo returns, then she supports the main team more exciting. However, C-Luo wants to return to the formation, it is necessary to pay 80%, which is not only an economic loss, but also respects to satisfaction. C Luo was too low because of virtue to his own value last year, only 60 million euros, pulled the platform, indicating that he pays more attention to these positioning, while salary is more direct than worth.

C Luo I have to go to the Real Madrid and Manchester United, which is not interested in him, so this is still in the world’s first generos, and there is still not much new earties who can compete for the Golden Times and the World Football. C Luo does not want to be older early, it is very high in its own position, so the US Major Alliance and the Superchao are basically excluded, there is only one answer, that is, Big Paris. According to the report on May 12, NeMarmines show yourself to play with C Luo, but the big Paris intentional C Luo is an unknown, and their cooperation may not be as good as it is.

If you can’t join the big Paris, C Ronal may choose to stay in Juventus until the 2022 contract expires. The advantage of this is not needed to toss. If there is a head coach that is pitlo, it can continue to rise, but the damage may have to kick the European Union Cup. This is a major blow for C Ronali, and the degree even exceeds Florentino disagree with the renewal. In addition, if the C-Luo is in the end of Juventus, Juventus has not solved the economic crisis, then the two sides can end cooperation.