The 37th round of Serie A League: Juventus team will affect the main game of the International Milan team in the home, which will affect their next season’s trend.

The 37th round of the Arabian, the 37th round of the Araba will be competed, and the Juventus team will fight at home in this wheel, and their opponents are the International Milan team. In the past, Inter Milan had already locked the league champion in advance, and Juventus was still working hard to strive. The final countdown second game, this country Germany is self-evident for Juventus’s importance, it is likely that they will affect their trend next season.

Two teams have a total of 175 confrontations in Serie A history. This 175 game Juventus 84 wins and 44 flat 47 have taken the wind. Among the first encounter of the two parties, the International Milan team defeated Juventus at home 2-0. However, in the competition of the Italian Cup this season, Juventus two rounds to eliminate the founding of the national. The game is from the strength to see the parties of the two sides, Juventi wants to win the victory at home and is not easy.

The competition will be carried out at 0 o’clock in the morning of May 16 at Beijing, and the CCTV Sports Channel will live broadcast on the game. Can Yussetus retain four hopes? Can I will continue to send EURE in Europe? Supports two teams of fans, remember to pay attention to this Italian national German.

The last round of Juventus defeated Sa Solo in the farm and won a key victory. However, their four opponents AC Milan, Atlanta and Naples have also achieved victory, so Juventus is still in the 5th in the standings. If this game is lost to the International Milan at home, and their competitors will win, Juventus will have a championship next season in advance. Once you have failed to get Champions League, you will have a very huge blow for Juventus and C Ronal.

Among the game with Sasolo, C Luo used the goal to help the team to win, he completed the individual in Juventus. C Luo has already entered a hundred-ball on behalf of four different teams, and he created a new record of football. At this game, C Ros will face the front of Lucaku. At present, the advantage of C-Luo’s bouquet of gold boots is very obvious. He is about to create a new record of gold boots in three different leagues.

The International Milan team defeated the Roma team at the last round, the team has achieved the results of 4 consecutive victories in the league. In the past 20, the League International Milan team remained his adverse record. Inter Milan has already locked this season’s Series champion, and they ended the Jiuwen Tour’s league nine. Although there is no need to seek unsuccessful after winning, the hatred between Ju Mi and Juventi allows them to pay special attention to this game, and their goal is to continue to win, and strive to make Juventus outside the Champions League.