Juventus new season’s head chiefs have been confirmed to determine the leader in Alegi

On May 15th, Beijing time, according to the latest news, the current chief of Juventus new season has been determined, he is the front coach Alegi. In fact, the Juventus Safe is under the leadership of Pirlo, it is not possible to achieve the expectations of fans. In most media, Pirlo’s lower get out of class is only a matter of time.

On this basis, many media and fans are guessing, Ju Wenhui is looking for a coach in the new season. Alegi is naturally preferred, but there is also a news called Zida intention to travel to Juventus. On the current situation, Aleigli has become the main coach of Juventus New Season. Recently, a photo of an Alegry and Juventus high-level meeting had a European football. Among the photos, Alegry and Juventus high-level and Grosso sat together. In the media and fans, Alega should have been determined to return. So do you think that Alegi can lead Juventus to returns to Aijun in a short time after returning?

Alegi is indeed a coach that is best for Juventus at this stage. First, compared with the first two coach, the work in Alegi is really too much, and Alegi is not only stable to Juventus in the ruling status in the league, and he can also make Juventus in the Champions League. The Sissence is more competitive. In the first season, when he was working with C Luo, Juventus broke into the Eight Supreme and finally defeated Ajax. The league is more in advance, and the light is to win this in advance is that Surreo and Pirlo (the crispless league champion) are nematic.

Interestingly, before this, Alegi has received the invitation of many European giants, but he all refused. There is media speculation that Alegi is waiting for Juventus’s reconciliation. According to this rotten stall at Juventus, only Alegi can handle it, fans trust him.

At this point, as a photo of Alegry and Juventus high-level, the return of uncle next season is not stopped. As the head of Juventus coach, Alegi’s coaching career has taken 13 championships. He is also Juventus to complete the main hero of Nine Connects in Serie A, and when Juventus has a low value, Alegi’s return is also a conventional agent for fans.

At present, Juventus has been preparing to work, and the Zebra Legion is disappointed with the coach Pierlo, and they will not put Pirlo to the U23 echelon, they are ready to directly fire Pirlo. It seems that this time is ready to leave, and the work of sleeping is really not able to reach the fans and club expectations.