Warriors will sit on the home to meet the Celtics Curry will be recruited

At 11:00 am, Beijing time, Warriors will take the home of the home to meet the Celtics, and the Curry will pass the double-explored flowers. He is expected to complete the 17,000 milestones in this game.

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It is expected that both parties

Celtics: Tutum, Tes, Kenba – Walker, Smart, Jay, Brown

Warriors: Green, Lowni, Vikins, Curry, Ubre

Confrontation Review: Green Army last season swept the warrior

This is the first time in the season. In the 2019-20 season, the Celtics swept the Warriors, the two sides have held their hands in January 31, 2020, the Green Shirt Army 119-104 defeated the Warrior, Samat was played on the game From the bench, the three-pointer 10 shots will get 21 points and 3 rebounds 6 assists.

Look at the game: Curry will break through 17000 milestones

So far, it has already got 16973 points, only 27 points from 170,000 points. In the top 20 games in this season, the Kurili took 27.7 points 5.4 rebounds 6.1 assists, ranked sixth Bit, if it is normal, he is also expected to achieve this achievement in this game against the green army.

For Curry, this is a late honor. In the 2019-20 season, due to injuries and new crown epidemics, Curi only played only 5 games, which also delayed his milestones. Even so, the Curre will still become a 09th member of 17,000 points.

Curry will also become the 96th in the history of NBA, and the 9th player who has achieved this milestone in the world. It is also followed by Zhang Bollen (17783), the second breakthrough of the team exceeded 17,000 points.

Star comparison: Curry VS Tumum

Because Clay-Thompson lacks, Curri can only take one person in front of the team, and he will get 27.7 points since the 2015-16 season, in the last game, Kuri only I have played 29 minutes, 17 shots, three-pointers 8 shots 6, get 28 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists.

Titum has been 26.8 points of 7 rebounds 3.7 assists in this season, and the shooting rate is 48.4%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is 43.5%, and the data has created the highest career. In January, Tutum was absent 5 games because of infected new crown viruses. After repeating, he still showed a steady state. The last pair of lakes, Tutum took 30 points and 9 rebounds 3 assists, and the team eventually defeated.

Two teams reception: the green army two loses, the Warriors Shengsha

The Celtics currently ranked 10 wins and 8th, they have already encountered two joints. On the last time, the Green Army is still 7 points at the end of the previous three, but the end of the team, the team offensive and dumb fire, was played a 25-17, the Celtics finally had a chance of killing, but Kenba – Walker finally biased, in the game, Walker was cooled, only 4 points in 12 shots.

The Warriors currently ranked 11 wins and 9 negative rankings, they were 3 wins in the last four games, on the previous battle, the Warriors 118-91 victory, they have established initiative early, and they have never been behind. At the maximum time, lead 35 points, on the spot, the Warriors shooting the hit rate of up to 52.2%, only the opponent’s 37.7% hit rate, because the team’s first three sections have established a huge leading advantage, Curry is playing at the end of the end.