The European score is the highest! 23 shots 15, three points 8 in 6, get 37 points 5 rebounds 2 assists 2 caps

On February 3, Beijing time, the home of the Nets met the Clippers. The two teams may be seen as the contest for the finals. This game has also been divided into the final time, with Owen in the fourth quarter. God-level played the Nets 124-120 victory, proved that they were proved in the contest with the western strong team, and the audience in Owen 23 shots, three points 8 in 6, get 37 points 5 rebounds 2 assists 2 caps, score the audience highest.

What is even more joy is that the Owen’s game is also very selling in the defensive end, and sends two caps, the efficiency value is the highest. In such a key game, Owen played a perfect game, the Basket Network Competition Champions, the role of Owen is crucial.

After the start of the game, the fast ship was running continuously. The Nets opened the climax of 4-14. During the Owen’s basket was also covered with Leonard’s cap, perhaps this covered hatred anger Ou Wen, then Owen The first three-point ball, opened the junction of the net attack, and then Owen face Leonard, a change will sway your opponent, step on the three-line, put the ball, also to Leonard cap Respond.

In the second quarter, the second quarter has been ahead of two digits, but Owen has always played the role of the team, except for the three-dimensional arc, Owen also staged high-strength trolley teaching, taking the razer in the fastess team player When the basket didn’t be entered, the next round of Owen directly staged a high difficult lever and scored, and the opponent was extremely embarrassed.

When the third section of Batum continued three minutes, Owen directly went straight to three-pointers, avoiding the score to be opened. What is even more unexpected is that the last 6 minutes left in the game has become the performance time of Owen.

In the fourth quarter, there are 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Ou Wen faces the fast ship to the defense of the fingertips, directly outside the three-pointers, help the basket network will be divided into 102 flat, the next turn is the Owen breakthrough on the basket. In, the Nets got a lead and stop the fast ship. After returning, Owen hit a three-pointer, expanded the leading advantage to 5 points. In 66 seconds, Owen has got 7 points in Owen, and laid the foundation for the Net.