19 games! The Rockets are at home with 100-113 pistons for the first piston.

On March 20th, Beijing time, NBA regular season Houston Rockets at home with 100-113 pistons, and the shame has got the longest 19-year-old defeat. The three main strengths of this game, Wall, Oladi, Woodwood returned to the game, but they did not play the effect of 6 consecutive victories, low offensive efficiency, defense lazy, the whole team There is no gas god, and it is also a matter of course. Now the Rockets have a record of 11 wins and 29, and the anti-opponent piston is in the previous union countdown second.

In the words of the national football team, Fan Zhiyi, Fan Zhiyi, in the Tucao Conference, the status of the Rockets now is really a face. The next game, the rocket will be the army, if the rocket does not take out some attitude, do they really use 22 games to gain 22 consecutive victories?

This game, the rockets of the rocket return, and the opponent is still a weak piston, and the reasonable rocket should have the ability to terminate the loser. But the full game, the performance of the Rockets is disappointed, and the offensive end does not have any organization and no, the defensive end is lazy to the opponent’s pressure, and the defense is not in place. It is often sent to the opponent. Opportunities, don’t mention what is actively fighting. This also lost the competition for the first time when the rocket new trident.

This service, the Rocket Burner 38-49 lost 11 pistons, assists 21-28 lost 7 times, free throw 13-25 lost 12 pistons, three-pointer 9-14 lost to the piston 5, three points The hit rate is 28% -48%, the Piston 29 is 14 in 14, the Rocket 32 ​​is only 9.

Such a rocket, it is no wonder that Tak is thinking to leave far went to the Buck. The 65-winning rocket has fallen, the first five people have all left, the team is only Eric Gordon 65 winners. From the first year, the five-star Warriors were forced to grab the seven. In the current total alliance, the Rockets were only used for only three seasons.

We all know that next season is a draft year, the rocket must keep your first round sign, you must ensure that you are in front of it. But even if it is rotten, it is not necessary to use such a shame. Even if the Spurs in order to grab Dengken, he played 20 wins and 62 negative records, but the talents of the team’s team’s longest losses were also 13 games. And in the rookie in 2021, there were not several tacivors to reach Duncan’s rookie. What’s more, the current draft is also determined by the lottery, although the chance is big but does not mean whoever records will be able to get the champion.