Beijing Time April 7 The Clippers will sit in the main court to meet the pioneer team Lillad three-pointer to super James? Trail, double-gun VS fast ship dual-core

Beijing time on April 7:00 am, the train will take the home to meet the pioneer, the kapple combination will be compared with the backfield double gun, and the two sides will interpret the battle. The core of the trainee core Lillad career will surpass James.


It is expected that both parties

Pioneer: Codon, Powell, Nurkich, Lilad, McCaleum

Clippers: Leonard, Marcus – Morris, Zu Baz, Reggi-Jackson, Paul George

Look at the game: Lillad three-pointer to super James

Lillaer’s career has hit 1972 three-point, only 1 LeBron James (1973), this season, the Li Guilds are all 4.2 three points, only in the league (4.7), if he is not accident, he will surpass James on the championship.

If Lillad plays a lottery outside, the object he caught up will not only be Zhan Huang. At present, Lillard is only 6 three-point gap from Joe-Johnson (1978). This season, he has 14 games at least Hit 6 records three points, ranked first in the alliance. Lilad is also likely to jump two levels and upgrade to the third place in history.

Star downtime: Trail, double-gun VS fast ship dual-core

Lillaer has taken 29.6 points 4.3 rebounds 7.7 games, and the McCaleum has been 23.8 points 3.8 rebounds 4.8 assists, and the double gun has maintained a stable output. In addition to them, the league is only The backfield of the Net Net (Harden and the Owen) field scored more than 23 points.

The Clippers, Leonarda has been 25.7 points 6.5 rebounds 4.9 assists, and the shooting level is as high as 51.4%. Paul-Georgia has been 22.2 points 6.3 rebounds 5.4 assists, the number of assists has created a new high career. In the recent two games, the pick pepper is 29 voters 11, he still needs to find a feel.

The two teams are currently: the trailer is bigger, and the bus boat will take the lake.

The ranking of 33 wins and 18 losses, the western part, after continuously lost to magic and Nuggets, the lack of the lack of Zhan Meng on the fast ship, they only let the opponent get 86 points, which also created the hull. The competition restrictions on the second low record. New aid to pull – Londo faces the first show in the old East, he put the debut 13 minutes, 3 shots 1 to 3 assists 2 steals, and 4 mistakes and 4 fouls. In terms of operation, the Clippers have previously signed Coss in 10 days short contracts to increase the inner depth.

The top of the pioneer 30 wins 19 negative positions Listing sixth, the last game Double, this is also the first time with 8 players to achieve two digits for the first time this season.

Confrontation Review: The Clippers take four consecutive winning

The hull currently gains four consecutive victories to the Blazers. In the 2019-20 season, the cloves and the trailers handed three times, and the three battles won. This season, the two teams have once in December 31 last year. The shuttle is 8-105 victorious pioneers. Leonard gets 28 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals, Paul – George Contribution 23 Take 10 rebounds 7 assists. The opposite Lilad is not good on the spot, and the 14 shots 3, and the three-pointer 8 catches 20 points.