The Lakers seven people on the double 110-101 defeated the Raptors of the Raptors, the lakes, the guests, the mainstay, James mood

On April 7, Beijing time, the defending champion Lakers encountered the challenge of the eastern brigade, in the nearly four games, the Lakers only achieved 2 wins and 2 losses, and lost to the Bucks and the Clippers, and won the championship as the season The most direct match, these two defeats have undoubtedly respond to the psychology of the Lakers’ playoffs, so the Lakers urgently need a victory to stop the battle, and when the challenge of the Raptors, the whole team is double, and finally Defeat the Raptors at 110-101, the Lakers anti-customer mainly make the scene of James.

Of course, I saw the teammates so performance, the scene of the Zhan Ying combination and the face of the Zhuang god face, and there will be exchanges from time to time. In fact, the lake team is probably not reaching the situation, after all, the factor of injury makes this The team appears in the event of a normal phenomenon, and Walle is also in the playoffs. After all, the playoff is a real battlefield. I believe that any team will not face the challenge of the Lakers. This team not only has James, but also a teacher of a championship.

In fact, when James injured, the fans were most concerned about the overall state of the Lakers. After all, the team lacked the core leader. This team no one can be connected in series, although there are many stars, but after the injury of Zhan Ying, this team is the rest of the team. The player’s salary is only 40 million US dollars, in the face of the former East Raptors, Xiaobao Become a winning way, the whole game is 27 minutes, get 13 points and 9 rebounds 5 assists, but the replacement player Tak’s performance is The most successful counters.

It can be said that the two teams staged a half-scene show. The Lakers took a definitely leader. After the end of the first half, the Lakers led 24 points, and even half of the 68 points, the Raptors defended, but the next half The Raptors seem to find offensive status, but unfortunately, the pit is too big because of the shortage of fall behind, and the pit is excavated.

This game, the fan saw the long-lost team basketball, the whole team was doubled, so that James under the field, I saw him exposed a long-lost smile, and even the brother was in the scene, such a last day did not see After all, the status of the lakes in recent games did not be poor. Due to the influence of injury, this team’s achievements were unstable. Nowadays, they have fallen to the ranking of the western part, which is far from the peak of the last season. .