The Wizards beat the jazz ushered in the third victory in the last four games.

On April 13, the League Leader Jazz ushered in the hometown of the hometown, and the Qi wukes ended 2 consecutive victories after an incompetent sun. Jazz has recently achieved 2 consecutive wins. The first quarter competes for two teams to play super efficiency, the 33-point performance of the Wizai single-section is already excellent, and the Sir said that this is more eye-catching a single section of the single section, 42 points, jazz first quarter Leading 9 points, the secondary jazz outdoor fell back to the main network, but the wonders were fully explosive, the Bill single is 13 points, and the last moment will be cut 11 band team to reverse the situation and more than 5 points. The second half of the battle is only resistant to half a festival, and the end of the Beltans suddenly broke out of the three-point three points. The giclery of the three-shift rain was 10 points in the taking battle. The last straw is the first. The four-way starts, the giki rotation, the 11-2 offensive will lead 19 points to lay the winning party, and Jazz sent the core of Mitchell, but did not erase huge points. In the end, the Wizards defeated the jazz ushered in the third victory in the last four games.

Both sides

Wizards: Bill, Westbrook, Eight Village, Afdia, Len

Jazz: Mitchell, Igles, O’Neill, Bogdad Novich, Gobel

Race review

The start of the game begins with the first to hit 2 + 1, and the jazz responded by Bogdad Novich. The opening of the opening of the Kikchel and Gobel also took a division, the two teams made a flat hand, and the Jazz 15-9 took the lead after three-year shot. However, Qi Tai immediately played a wave 7-0 climax anti-ratio. Faworthnen is connected to the situation, and the Wizards also succeeded into the inner line, and the Jazz 31-24 led 7 points after the Trumber was cut into 10 points. Bill is not shown in the weaker, but Mitchell enters the status of the status. It is three points in the Niki corner. Matthews made all the three points of fouls, and the English transcript three-pointer, the first After finishing, Jazz 42-33 leads.

The two teams of the Second Festival will continue to attack the hot and attack, and the Wizards must have a scales in Tao, and the jazz will respond from Gobel and Engram hit the basket. However, Jazz gradually replaced with the main force. Wild, while Wizards rely on Bill and Wei Shao to continue to cut into the world’s 8-1 offensive anti-ratios. Mi Cherche and Bagdadenwiki Festival have been able to stop bleeding for the team, but the outsideline will not beaten to cause the situation to fall passively, and the wonders are in the fiery feel, and he is in the second half of the half. 11 points, in his outbreak of Zhong Qiji 70-65 Anti-Supreme Jazz ended.


After returning, Jazz is still mainly attempting the inner line trying to push down, Gobel’s dunk and Engram’s throwing, Wiki is the side of the Wai Shao, which is five points to respond. This section contributes to Bagda Novich, three points into the team to break the outside line, the whole attack is generally unable to manufacture threats, while the Wizards are out of Bill, Bel Tau’s high fortune In the continuous hit three points, I responded, coupled with Smith’s final three points, Wiki established 10 points to enter the fourth quarter.

The last opening of the opening is still a better opening, and the Wei Shao and Eight Villages have continued to take the points. The jazz passed up early to change to Mitchell, but the inner and external combination of Gobel did not change the passive The situation, with the three-game winning 4 points, Wizards sent 11-2 offensive to lead 19 points. Gobel eat cake dunk for jazz, and then Mitchell scored three-point plus a throwing plugged in a slight approaching score. In the holiday, the sickness fell slightly, and the jazz continued to fire, Bogda Novich and Yueers found the three points of daring to connect to life, and the offensive of Jazz 13-2 will chase 6 points, but O’Neill The malicious foul gave the giki hemostatic opportunity, and Wei Shao’s jump shot and assists the Gaburt air buckle to help the scholar hemostasis. In the end, the Wizards defeated the jazz ushered in the third victory in the last four games.