The 5th round of the Super League: Changchun Yadai team arms Shanghai Shenhua team Chen Yang PK Cui Kangxi Shenhua is eager to win the first championship

The 5th round of the Super League continued. At 20 o’clock on the evening of May 17, Changchun Yatai argue in Shanghai Shenhua. Both sides have worked nearly 6 times, and Yatai 1 won 3 flat and 2 losses, slightly in the lower wind. Both parties have worked nearly 3 times, all of which were 1-1.

Changchun Yantai VS Shanghai Shenhua, the game is as follows:

First: Who can continue the season? Super 4 rounds, Shanghai Shenhua 2 wins and 2 points are kept unbeaten, Changchun Yatai 1 wins 3 flat also remain unbeaten, Shenhua 4 games only lost 4 goals, and Yatai 4 games only lost 1 Ball, the defense of the two teams is doing well. In this round, Yatai anti-flower, who can continue the season?

Second: Shenhua is eager to win the first championship! Shanghai Harbor and Shandong Taishan, who have already played 5 rounds, is a top second. If the Shenhua is successfully defeated, the team is 11 points and the team and Taishan, retain the first legion. Fight the position.

Third: Chen Yang PK Cui Kangxi! Yatai anti-flower, is also a Chinese local coach PK Korean coach, Chen Yang PK Cui Kangxi. Although Chen Yang has less people, the team attack is not strong, and the four games are only in 2 goals, but the team defensive is very good; Cui Kangxi tactics is very extreme, in the face of the strong team, but the attack is over-dependent ” The tactics of people, the ground cooperation is lacking speed and transmission, can Cui Kangxi can use good Aderian and Basuo’s key to Shenhua’s strength.