It may cause the return to CBA to return to CBA.

Recently, media news revealed that Draney intends to return to CBA, and multiple teams have come into contact with them. With the results of the Guangdong team, his return may cause a loot.

The current Guangdong team, compared with the Guangdong team of the 18-19 season, has been a big change, first after three seasons, they have gradually determined that the defensive counterattack is mainly playing, in this process In the middle, they need an foreign aid that has a competent ability as an end point. Weims is like this, and the horse is still in the past, but because of the injury, he is difficult to return next season, the important task of the Guangdong team rest period is It is necessary to find the alternative of Mashang. Obviously, after the experience of the European League, the current Delaney is very in line with the requirements of the Guangdong team. He can be outside, there is three points, suitable for shooting, and before the two sides have cooperated, do not need to be big Adjusting can play, in which case Zhu Fangyu will sign him again? From the current situation, this possibility is not excluded.

Speaking of the name of Draney, it is estimated that some people who often pay attention to the Guangdong team competition will be unfamiliar. As the main foreign aid of Guangdong team 18-19 season, he has helped the team played gorgeous offensive performances, including them. The winning kill used in the journey of the three consecutive championships – the formation of defensive counterattacks, there is a credit.

But unfortunately, before I started in the 18th season, because Guangdong team’s upgraded needs, the team used Mashang to replace him, after leaving the Guangdong team, Derlaney went to the European League, and in 19- The 20 season helped the Italian Milan Armani club to win the championship of the basketball super cup, and he personally won the title of MVP with excellent play.

Draney has excellent body talent. Once the NBA team Eagle team two seasons, the 2018-2019 season represents the Guangdong team to play 37 games, and the scene can contribute 19.4 points 6.1 rebound 5.6 assists in the 32-minute appearance time. Data is an important point in the team at the offensive. Draney’s advantages are very obvious, with very agile speeds and steal capabilities, three-pointed-rates of up to 41.6%, suitable for the team of the main guns. But as a small foreign aid, Draney’s defensive ability is obvious, which is why the Guangdong team will turn him away, but this little defect is within the scope of the speech, these balls Team also includes the current Guangdong team.