The solar team is 115: 85 raceful lake team De Wenbock 30 points +7 board +5 help

Today, the Sun Team and the Lakers’ Battle of Tianwang Mountain are playing in Phoenix. This kind of service, the Sun team played a crazy attack under the leadership of Bick, Payne, Paul and others. The Lakers, frequent iron in the offensive end, defending the pair of defending. The solar team has a leader of 36 points, and the game has lost his suspense early. The solar team finally wins the lake team at 115 to 85, and the large-specific separation is written for 3 to 2. Phoenix, holding a dot.

Both sideways:

Sun Team: De Wenskock 30 points 7 plates 5 help, Chris Paul 9 points 4 board 6 help, Cameron Payne 16 points 4 board, Mikarbridge 13 points 6 plates 3 help 3 broken 2 caps Outstanding Claude 9 points 2 help, Eaton 8 points 7 plates 2 help, Cregg 2 points 7 board 2 help 2 caps, Carmelon Johnson 11 points 3 plates, Camaminski 3 points 3 board 4 assistance 4 points, Galloway 2 points, Sariqi 5 points 2 help, Smith 3 points 2 panels.

Lakers: LeBron James 24 points 5 plates 7 help, Morrif Morris 4 points, Dramund 7 points 13 boards, Pop 2 help, Schroer 0 points 4 plates 1 assists, Kuzma 15 points, Matthews 5 points, Carru 5, Hordon Tak 11 points, 11 panels, Harrell 9 points 3 plates, Mark Gasol 5 points 3 sheets.

The sun wants to win the Lakers, winning the day of the day

4 tigers will be 68 + 21, the sun is winning! Zhan Huang 24 + 7 hate, the Lakers defeated 5 sinners!

The first quarter was opened, Maki Morris single-play, James looked 5 points, and the Lakers played an 8-13 opening. Bark has achieved 5 points, and the gods got in the penalty area. The solar team suddenly broke out in the offensive end, Bak, Payne made 5 points, Phoenix made a lot of flowers, and the offensive of 16 to 0 was taken, and 11 points were leading.

Karuce is far away, Mark Gasol, Kuzma has scored, and the Lakers will be divided into a number of digits. Pethen’s 5 points, James and Boke are bombarded, Kuzma, Zhuang Shenzhi cut 5 points, Bak also has 5 points to help the Sun team continue to stay. In the first battle, the Lakers behind the 26-134.

The next competition, the Sun Team once again set off the attack frenzy. Petane won 4 points, Paul is 5 points, and more than one per capita, Phoenix has played a 16-bit offensive frenzy, with 23 points of leading advantages. Makir Morris is throwing 1 goal, and hesome with the Lakers.

Paul, Claude and Hordon Tak, Bakkaded, Kregg dunks. Matthews joined the Carru and Bike, Bridges joined Ertoi score to help the Sun team continued to expand their leading advantages. Half the feast, the Sun team is leading 66-136. In the second section, the Lakers only get 10 points, and the single-section opponent is 22 points.

In the third quarter, the Bark single hand, Mark Gasol, James and Claude, Bridges were shot. Bark is connected to 2 goals, and the difference has been 36 points. James returned to three points, 2 goals in Paul, James also forth. Kuzma and Book have 2 points, and Matthews and Bridges have far-reached. Zhuang god penalty 2 goals, Payne on the basket.

James outside the outside, 2 remember the distance, Cameron Johnson punishment, James Single is still colored. Cameron Johnson also had three points of play, and the third battle, the Lakers took 29 points from 63 to 92.

At the end of the year, both parties sent a substitute player, and Kameron Johnson and Kuz Ma had a 4-point, and it was on the court. The solar team is spending more, and continues to maintain a leading advantage of about 30 points. Halrell raged in the inside, and the Sun team maintained a good far-speaking. Hordon Tak continuously hit, Galloway, Sharyi, Moore also had a success, and it was difficult to narrow, but time gradually finished. In the end, the Sun team wins the lake team and won the match.

This game, the 4 Tiger of the Sun Team took Paul, Bark, Bridges, Penne, broke out, and took advantage of 68 points 21 panels. The wonderful play of the above four people is the key to the Sun team to be able to hire.

This hangs, the Lakers’ star Bronz James is not good. James, 32 minutes of war, 19 in 9 James, while the offensive end, it also invested the most 6 three-pointers in the audience. What is worth paying attention is that James is also a assists in this game. James has tried his best.

In the case of the Lakers behind the opponent, James double boxing is difficult to fight, only to drink. Under the background of the Anthony Davis defect, James suffered a good helper.

5 major sinners who have encountered defeat in this game have also been released. They are Dennis Schroed, Wesley Matthew, Carru, Ben McGram, and Frankwair.

Schroede, as a player in the back of the Lakers, in this 90,000, three-pointers 4, 0, 10 free throws, get 0 points 4 plates 1 assists. Schroer, the aggressiveness of the offensive, and crazy iron. Schroedes who have not scored permit, wasted a lot of ball and offensive opportunities.

The most important outside of the Lakers defended Wesi Musicas, 5 shots, free throw 2, 5 points. Weiss Limus, while the offensive end is frequently ironing, and it has not limited the efficient break of the Sun Team Boke. At both ends of the attack, Weiss Limus is lost.

Another member of the Lakers’ side wings Carru, 8 shots 2, three points 4 in 4, got 5 points. Carru, failed to limit Bark, Payne and Bridges, and downturn in the offensive end. The Lakers’ team is shot in McLuma, 5 shots 0, three-pointers 2 in 0, got 0 points 6 sheets. Ben McLumo, as the best pitcher outside the outer line outside the lake, but can’t pull off the attack space for the team. This McGlo, is also a loophole on the defensive end.

The coach of the Lakers, Warger, needs to be aimed at the team’s failure. Walgel’s coaching ability is widely questioned. Woger, unable to crack the solar team’s poor tactics, and it is impossible to enhance the lake’s offensive efficiency. At the end of the attack, he did not help the Lakers to make effective pairs.

Woger, when the end of the game lost the suspense, the best sixth person who was cut down in the last season of 19 points Monterizharell. When the Lakers repeatedly at the offensive power of electricity, Woger did not make the impact power and good at the attacking Harrell. Warger’s employment strategy is really unbearable.