Regret to lose this battle! The Pioneer team does not enemify the gold team at 140-147

On June 2, Beijing time, the Pioneer team passed the 140-147 unfunction gold team, regretted the battle of Tianwangshan, and the series 2-3 behind. Damn Lillad This is the god of the gods. He played for about 52 minutes, 24 shots 17, three minutes and 17 in the three points, three points, three-fold record), free throw 10 9 , Bombing 55 points 6 rebounds 10 assists 1 steals 3 caps, becoming the NBA history first playoffs, 55 points, 10 assists, players.

The interior of the trails of the pioneers, the replacement of Canter is easy to be targeted, esus, Nurikich, needs to control fouls, and he only hits 24 minutes to six, and he has not lost the most important thing. Internal barrier. If the Pioneer team can take the reserved service hope, let us wait and see!

Although the team’s conversation is very regrettable, he did not blame the teammates after Lillad, and he pointed out that the team had defensive issues, including yourself, and did not catch some opportunities but the Nuggets caught. Talking about his performance, Lillad’s answer is very hard, he said that there is nothing to defend, they need this victory, and personal performance is not important. After all, they lost.

Lillad’s super god performance attracts the stars, Stephen-Coiri is praised: [email protected], this is everything I want to say “, Kevin Durant first push:” I want to Sending the exceptional performance of Mr. Damian-Lillad, but I really can’t find the right vocabulary … “, then also push:” God mode “,” this is a miracle “, admiration can be seen One spot. And Zach-Roen, the magician Ye Hanx, and others also pushed the film.

It is worth mentioning that the super-god performance of Lillad is also in the opponent. After Nikola, Jiki, said that he can witness Lillad’s performance, the Nuggets coach Mike Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Magong not to fourth in advance of Lilad, indicating that the team worried that Lillaer may take the opportunity to play Quarter. Xiaolifus, the main anti-Dalid, he was completely in full, and he saw that Lillad voted three points after the game was lost, which also triggered a fans.

After the US media, Zirid’s performance was reported. Xiaoli praised Zi Li Raide in the commentary: “Brothers … He didn’t get lost. No matter one hand covered, it is still two hands cover Face (you can enter). I am thinking, what is this TM? There is also a three-point me XX. But seriously, defending him is a interesting thing. He is the best example of tough, this is no longer Troubleshoot. “

When I came back, the Pioneer Team Series was already hitting, and the next game was either eliminated. In such a critical juncture, McCalem, one of the double guns, needs to come forward, help share more offensive responsibility, and the substitute also needs to share more offensive firepower, know that the Trail team has only 22 points, The Nuggets replaced 48 points, Monte Morris cut 28 points.

Lillad’s presence and super-god performance, but it is indeed very regrettable. To know that he has completed it in two times, with the Nuggets to fight two overtime, and in the overtime. 8 6 Cut 17 points, other teammates totaled 19. CJ Mai Caram This is 22 in the 22nd 7 to get 18 points 7 rebound 7 assists, his two overtime games have not yet, and the second time-to-time key steps let the pioneers completely lose winning hopes. . Robert – Kodonteen’s performance is also an undercover. Two unmanned debris is deducted, and one of the key points appearing in the team.