NBA regular season: Warriors beat the Pistake Cresses 31 points for 116-106 31 points 5

On December 30th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued, and the Warriors challenge the piston. Griffin is inadvertently suffered from Huosan elbow, and the second half is not debut. 13 points in the third single-section bomb in Curry, helping the Warriors to build an advantage. The top 4 of Rose did not exceed 4, but the Wingkins single-section 17 points locked the victory. The final warrior defeated the piston at 116-106, and also gave the opponent to the opponent.

Both sides

Warrior: Curry, Vikins, Ubre, Anderson, White

Pistons: Hayes, Jackson, Grant, Griffin, Pramley

Game data

Warrior: Curry 31 points 5 plates 6 help, Vilins 27 points 7 board 2 cap (5 points three points), Ubiza 14 points 5 plates, Pascal 10 points, Warunajk 9 points, Huosan 6 6 board 6

Piston: Grant 27 points 7 boards, Jackson 17 points 6 boards, Rose 15 points 7 help, Satik-Bei 11 points, Griffin 8 points 5 board 3 help

This star: Wing Ding Sunday broke out

At the end of the end, the Warriors once were sharp by Rose. At the crucial moment, Vilinshan is three points, and the single-section bomb is 17 points, and the team is thrown 12-0 to reverse the decline, and become the biggest hero of the winning warrior.

Game review

The first competition, Curi and Huayman have a 4 point, Grant’s three points, and Vilins immediately returned, and then Ubrey three points were ruined, and Vilins kill again, the Warriors started 12-7 lead. Griffin hits three points, the piston is 6 points, Rose has caused interference balls, and two penalty in Dunbia fell in the middle, and the piston 25-21. Kuri hits blood three points, Stuttt fills the basket, and the Piston 29-24 leads the next next time.

At the beginning of the second day, Griffin was even sent to the assists and hit three points. The piston was three-thirds, and the leading 40-28 was taken. Li Sanzhi stopped bleeding, the warrior returned 7-0, Griffin was hit tooth bleeding. Grant three points, the piston 45-35 stops the warrior. Virgo is close to, and Pascale sent a flying buckle, and then the Cook continuously punished the play, the first half ended the warrior chasing 48-51.

Easily fight again, Grant took the lead in hitting, Anderson and Ubreg were 5 points, the Warriors chased. Subsequently, the Kuri hits three points, Ubree sent a steal buck, Grant returned the buck, the Curry conversion three points, and assisted Anderson to fight, Warriors 65-56 leading. The piston retired 6-0 hemostasis, then Grant continuously punished the play, the piston was chased to 71-72. In the Kurry three, then the piston was 5 points, and the Luni was all-in-law, the Warriors 77-76 entered the last day.

At the end of the battle, Ross started in the state of the fire, and the first 4 was 18 points in the top 4, and the piston was more than 3 points to stop the Warrior. Subsequently, the wind is on the wind, and Vilinshan three points, Hu Shisman sends a big hat and the dunks, the warrior is 12-0, which will be more than 98-89. Grant on the basket, Vilins tried again, and then the Kurry debuted again three points, the warrior established 13 points. Subsequent Jackson continuously divided into closer, Rose also had three points, but there was no choice but time left, the piston swallowed 4 loses.