The Wizards ranking alliance countdown first! The alliance is the strongest empty, Wang Bill

What is the concept of 32 + 4.5 + 4.5? It is definitely a strong competitor of the Alliance MVP. But he is too empty. This person is not Harden, but a width team’s Bill. Since the beginning of the game, the Wizards team will be 0 wins and 4 losses, the ranking alliance counts the first. Wei Shao went to this strength, how can it become this?

At that, Anthony and James were also called a double arrogance, and there was an offensive kaleidoscope during the peak. But it is also because I don’t want to defense, I always lead to failing to achieve better results. Under the urgency of time, the melon finally has no built-in peak period. The first trip, the teacher of the rear car. I hope that Bill does not step away from Antoni, and it is a world of heaven and earth in NBA.

In the game of Wizards lost to the bull, Bill 20 shot 9, won 29 points 4 rebounds and three assists. Wei Shao 19 is 7, win 21 points and 15 rebounds 11 assists, and the solid is another three pairs. The two guns of the Wizards are played out, why is the team still difficult? Wizards attack is very smooth, and Wei Shao and Najo will turn back to the center Brines to unpack, and the hit rate is extremely high. Bill will also take advantage of breakthrough attraction, and pass the ball to the teammates run over the bottom line. The team also creates a variety of opportunities through continuous score to make the attack more abundant. If the game is in an anxiety, they can also use Bill’s superner personal capabilities, which is frequently scored for the team. The offensive is perfect, but they lost to defense.

Wizards have some Buddha’s defense to defend the competition, and the whole team is lazy in the defensive end. The whole team, in addition to the power, sometimes it is full of power to defend, did not see which player is oppressed. Coupled with the “Wonderful” overall players are biased, the experience is lacking. The whole festival has fallen into the embarrassment. The train run is fast? Look at the headband completely. As the gibes of the star, there is no such thing as a good example, making a good example for young players. Bill was selected into NBA in a third time by Wizard 12 years. His body explosives is general, but it is better than the projection. It is a typical technology guard. Bill can use the rhythm to score in the fast cripple, and the emergency stop jumper is his big jamper. Play the role of the killer at the critical moment. Attacking so comprehensive Bill, the only shortcomings are not to defend, some are like young Antoni.