The Lakers defeated Spurs LeBron James with 121-107. James has been 26 points and 8 assists.

Beijing During December 31, LeBron James Birthday, the Lakers’ new seasons were first fighting, and the Spurs were defeated at 121-107.

The Lakers first sent five tigers: Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Mark Gasol, Dennis – Schlaund and Kadville – Pop.

Spurs first sent five tigers: Lowni Walker, Germany-Murray, Demar Durzan, Jacob – Pelttel and Kelden Johnson.


Lakers (3-2) easily pass, LeBron James has been 26 points and 8 assists, Dennis – Schlaund 21 points, “Gongbei Ge” Anthony – Davis 20 points 9 rebounds. The Subli Matthews, the three-pointer of the three-pointer, 18 points.

Spurs (2-2) two losses. Dezhang Thai – Murray 29 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists, Demar Durzan 23 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. Ramus – Aldridge lack.

In the past 4, the Lakers were at home, 2 wins and 2 losses. After the last unfilvisor trailer, it came to San Antonio. Two teams will work 2 consecutive games within 3 days, which is the characteristics of the new season.

The first three sections of the Lakers are leading, but they still lose, this is the first time for many years. In this case, they have won 59 times before.

The last day of the year is James’s birthday, although sometimes bad, but the game, James’s 36th birthday will come.

36-year-old James still signed the top pay contract, and on the court, he still has excellent performance. Shortly after the opening, he dunked, won the first point of the Lake, and later sent a assists, and then played. The lake offensive is very smooth, and the first section is leading 35-27.

The outer line of the Lakers is worrying, but today’s peripheral shooters are very powerful. Schlaund and Matthews have successively hit three points. In the second quarter, there were nearly 4 minutes, and the spurs were talented to the time, and there was a foul suspected, the referee did not blow, Potovic protested, and even eaten technical fouls and was evilted. Harmon-Beiji took the tactical board, she also became the first NBA female coach at the first place.

The Lakers once expanded their advantages to two digits, ending on the first half of the 63-53.

James and Pop have successively hit three points after the third quarter. At this section, Davis holds the ball attack, 24 seconds will suddenly “”, thrown the ball to Schlaund, the latter is far from the three-point line, but only have to travel, actually hit, the Lakers are 78- 65 leads. Matthewa has also been three consecutive points, and the first three sections of the Lakers are leading 92-82.

In the fourth quarter, in less than 2 minutes, Matthews had three consecutive points, and the Lakers had to break through the hundred, leading 100-84. The Spurs will be reduced to 8 points, but Davis and James have also launched the winch for the Lakers in color.