Wei Shao returned to the nail cap! The whole half is quite awkward, Wei Shao has 3 points + 4 rebound + 1 assists

On January 25th, Beijing time, NBA regular season talents. After 15 days after taking a battle, Wei Shao returned. However, in the first half, only 11 minutes and 01 seconds, Wei Shao 6 in 1, and also eat a nail hat, get 3 points and 4 rebounds 1 assists. When I took a break, I picked up at the scene, and he gave people a 32-year-old.

Wei Shao finally returned, but it will be strictly limited, according to the plan before the coach Brooks match, Wei Sha will only play for about 25 minutes.

For a long time, Wei Shao’s first attack is divided, the low back Murray, swaying the opponent after turning around, easily laying, Wizards are also open. 8-2. However, 8 minutes left in the first quarter, Wei Shao is replaced, in other words, the opening is only 3 minutes and 54 seconds, and Wei Sha will return to the bench.

It is worth mentioning that Return to the Bench of the Bench pites to breathe, it looks quite tired. After the end of the court, Bill came with teams, Jerem Robinson three-pointer, Wizards 15-9, and stopped the spurs again. Spurs suspended back, continuing to recover, but Bill continuously bounced, 21-11, Wizards pulled the difference to two digits.

After Ray re-opening, even played two iron, the first day, the first day, he first fell to the basket and eat Peltel’s nail hat. The second section broke through the basket, and also ate Peltel Nail cap. 8 minutes left in the second quarter, Bill re-opening, replacing Wei Shao. As a result, the whole half, Wei Shao only took 11 minutes, 6 shots 1, after the start of the game, I won 5 iron after the game, I had to 3 points 4 rebounds 1 assists, quite embarrassment.

Since this season, Wei Shao only played 7 games, averaging 19.3 points 9.7 rebound 11.3 Assistance 1.3 steals. He also dted back to the Celtics on January 10th. He had a long injury, but now, he is now a good job.