Cry moment! The jazz charter takes off from the bird hit by the emergency, and there is no casualty.

On March 31, Beijing time, a reporter reported that Jazz today would fly to Memphis to prepare tomorrow and Grizzlies, but there is an accident. The charter prepared by the team is involved in the flying bird during the takeoff process, causing the left engine engine to fail, the aircraft immediately landed. It is good to have no casualties.

Subsequently, the jazz players returned to the new plane waiting for the US time 5:45. They also reported peace on social media. This event is much more terrible than we imagined. Once there is really unexpected, the players and coaching groups on the plane will be dangerous. This year, Jazz can be said to be high alone, and they are located in the whole league, and the attack and defense is good, and the impressive performance is played. If the team prospect is damaged due to accident, it is not worth it.

How much is the jazz this year? They have achieved 35 wins and 11 negative records, and they are in the whole league. Their average is divided into the entire League 3rd, the average rebound is in the whole league, the average is lost, the total alliance is 4th, the hit rate and the three-point ball rate are also in front of the league, attack And defensive no vulnerabilities. Recently, the jazz has got a wave of 6 consecutive victories. There are three games in this 6 games to win more than 20 points. The status of Jazz after all-star game has not been influenced, but it gradually enters better, and the players are getting more and more skilled.

Jazz This year’s strong is strong, in addition to mentioning attack and defense above, their lineup is still very reasonable. Mitchell focused on attacks, Conley focused on organizational, Gobel’s focus on defense, these three were very appropriate. In addition, the jazz’s three-point shooters are also very powerful. In Guers Bogda, Noviki is a top three pitcher, and they have the ability to grasp the opportunity. There is also a Kraxon, which is good at breaking the attack and singles. Therefore, the jazz’s offensive title is very smooth. In a 48-minute game, Jazz rarely stops at the offensive end.

Of course, when talking about this year’s popularity, it will always prefer the team like the Lakers, Nets, and Club in the forefront, and habitually ignore jazz. Jazz said that the record is outstanding, the lineup is deep, but they have not played convincing performance in the past few years, even the western finals have not been entered. It is worse than the trailer of the trailer.

Of course, the most important thing for jazz players now is to rest and adjust their mentality. This accident is likely to make their mentality have affected, I hope this flying accident should not affect the next game. Future management When performing such an event, be sure to check and ensure that the player is healthy. The player is NBA’s wealth is also the team’s wealth. Do you think?

But this year, jazz is a new. In the face of the union strong team, such as the game of the Warrians and Nets, the team is over the end of victory, and crushing people’s question. The record of regular season can’t explain everything, but it can reflect a team in a long season. Jazz This year’s state is undoubtedly in front of the league, as long as they keep it, maintain health, the champion may not be an idiot.